Tuesday, May 11, 2010

S6E14 - The Candidate

Yes, I realize that image is from an old episode, but it's relevant..... what do you mean, you want a picture from this episode? This episode was too sad for screengrabs! Ok... fine.... here's one from this episode:

There it is. Jin and Sun are dead. D-E-A-D! Are you happy now?

Four for the Road

This blog post is dedicated to the memory of those we lost in this episode. Note: Miles is apparently still alive, despite being voted Most Likely to Die Next in my poll.

Sayid: The word you're looking for here is "redemption". Sayid was brought back from the dark side, and he is responsible for saving the lives of the remaining three candidates (plus Kate).

Sun & Jin: Sun was pinned to the wall by what appeared to be an endless stream of bars and file cabinets, she couldn't be freed. Jin tried to pry her loose, and when he realized there was no hope, he stuck by her side. They got some traditional LOST death-music (for extra-sadness), and died a very Titanic-like death.

Frank: While we don't yet know for sure that Frank is dead, I think we can assume that he was only kept around this season so that we believed it was possible to leave the island on the plane. This brings up an interesting idea though...

Leaving the Island

If (not)Locke really wants to leave the island, why did he blow up the sub? Because, with the sub destroyed and the airline pilot seemingly dead, how will he be able to leave? More importantly, does he actually want to leave? He says that he wants to go home, but maybe "Home" is not a location, but more a state of being? Or maybe a time? I think we'll find out tonight!

The Rules

(not)Locke's plan all along has been to kill all of the candidates. But in the same way the he cannot kill Jacob, he also cannot kill the candidates. And while the only way to kill Jacob was to convince someone else to do it, the only way that he can kill the candidates is to trick someone else into killing them. Unfortunately, his plan worked.... for half of the candidates.

The tricky thing here is that, if ONE candidate survives, then (not)Locke will be stuck on the island, as he won't be able to kill him. Perhaps this is what happened to Jacob.... maybe he was the one remaining candidate, and because of these rules, he can't kill him.


Before running off with the bomb, Sayid told Jack about Desmond being alive in the well. He warns him, "Locke wants him dead, which means he's important." Jack asks why he's telling him, and Sayid quickly responds, "Because it's going to be you, Jack."

So now I think we can assume that Locke and Jack are both headed straight for the well. It's an interesting parallel because of the struggle between Jack and Locke over the hatch, which was essentially a giant hole in the ground that Desmond was living in. Who gets there first? Answer in the poll.

Catatonthony Cooper

Sideways Question: How did Locke end up in the wheelchair?
Sideways Answer: A week after getting his pilot's license, he was in a plane crash with his father aboard the plane. And while the crash left Locke paralyzed, his father was left in some sort of catatonic state. And to punish himself, he refuses Jack's offer to fix him with a new surgery that they're developing. I still think that we'll see Jack fix Locke by the end of the series. (3 episodes left!)


We've seen several of our sideways characters "awaken" and come to the realization that there is another world of things that happened. And while no one had a full realization here, they're getting close. While Locke was waking up in the hospital, he said "Press the button" (a reference to the comptuer in the hatch) and "I wish you believed me", which was a reference to the suicide note that he left Jack.

And then when leaving the hospital, Jack said to Locke "I wish you'd believe me", and Locke paused as if he was starting to remember. End-of-LOST, here we come!

Flight 815-ers

Several times in this episode, Jack ran into someone else from the infamous Oceanic flight, and he is starting to realize that this is important. It's just like Jacob said to Hurley: Some people can just be told these things... some people have to see it and figure it out for themselves. So it's not something that Desmond can just approach Jack and tell him about. He needs to realize it on his own.... and that is happening FAST! (Again, have I mentioned that there are only 3 episodes left?)

BONUS: Adam Rucker

There is a guy named Adam Rucker who posts videos of him and his friend watching episodes of LOST, and they are fantastic! And while this episode of LOST didn't reach me emotionally as much as I would've thought, I was nearly brought to tears watching these people watch this episode.... some tears of sadness, some tears of laughter. Check out their video:

OH YEAH.... DON'T FORGET.... The Series Finale, which airs on Sunday, May 23rd, has just been extended by an extra half-hour, so now the final episode will run from 9pm-11:30pm (EST).