Thursday, January 29, 2009

S5E03 - "Jughead"

Young Charles Widmore

It's WIDMORE!!!!!

I could hear the echo of jaws across the world hitting the floor when we learned that Widmore was the young "Other" who captured Sawyer and Juliet last week. I'm really eager to learn the rest of his story, but I think it'll involve a struggle in power down the line when Ben joins the Others. Putting myself in Widmore's shoes, it would make sense that when Ben comes along and Richard appoints him as their leader, Widmore might get a little pissed that he now has to take orders from Ben. Maybe Ben tricked Widmore into turning the donkey wheel so that Widmore got forever banished from the island. It would certainly explain their relationship.

It's Eloise!

For those that didn't watch the enhanced version of last week's "The Lie" episode at 8:00, there was a revelation. The jeweler at the end (aka Mrs. Hawking) was referred to as "Eloise Hawking". Eloise (for those that don't remember) was the name of Faraday's lab rat. At this point, I'm 60% sure that she's Faraday's mother. Then, we meet one of the Others, who Daniel can't help but notice "looks familiar". Ok... now I'm split 50/50-- is SHE Faraday's mother? Then, we find out that her name is Ellie (short for Eloise, right?). Problem solved! They're the same person! It's further confirmed when Desmond finds out that Faraday's mother is in Los Angeles (that's where Ben met up with her at the end of Episode 2). And is it too crazy to suggest that Charles Widmore is Farday's father? After all, he is funding Daniel's research.

It's a Boy!

Congratulations to Desmond and Penny on the birth of their son, Charlie. It's a nice to pay homage to Charlie, who sacrificed his life to safe Desmond and help them get off the island. And hey, they killed 2 birds with one stone (or was it a flaming arrow?) because Charles is also Penny's father's name.

It's Jacob!

When Locke found Richard and the Others, he told Richard that Jacob sent him. Richard's reaction is one of intrigue and suggests that Jacob has been around for a while (since at least 1954). But the most important part of their exchange is when Locke gave Richard the compass and told him that if he didn't believe him, to go find him in 2 years when he's born, which we know that Richard, in fact, does. But then (remember) a few years later, Richard visits a young Locke and presents him with a few artifacts (sand, a knife, a comic book, a Book of Laws, a baseball mit, and YES, THE COMPASS!), asking Locke "Which of these items belongs to you?" So now we know that when Locke chose the knife, he should've chosen the compass!!

It's a Bomb!

Ok... so, the US Army sent soldiers to the island to perform experiments there, but made sure that they brought an H-Bomb with them. But why? My thinking is that this is meant to be used at the end of their "research", as a way to hide their work. But what DOES happen to it? The bomb will likely be buried (per Daniel's recommendation) and covered in concrete. Flashback to season 2 when Jack and Sayid are exploring the Swan station (aka "The Hatch") and while underneath, Sayid comments, "The last time I saw concrete poured like this, was at Chernobyl." So, is the Swan station built on top of this H-Bomb? And what are the effects of that?

It's Too Late For Charlotte!

I hate to say it, but when Faraday confessed his love for Charlotte, it was the kiss of death. I'll honestly be surprised if she makes it to episode 5.

It's Theresa!

Ok, so we didn't know Theresa before tonight's episode, but I had to keep up the "It's..." titles. Anyway... Faraday's records have been erased out of the Oxford database because of something he apparently did to a girl. We are the introduced to a woman named Theresa, who appears to be comatose. Now my theory.... Theresa was Faraday's lab assistant, and she volunteered to be his first human subject for all his mind-time-travelling research. Something went wrong, and he had to find a way to fix her, leading him to find out about the Dharma Initiative, eventually leading him to the island. Maybe he is looking for her constant?

It's Penny!

Widmore told Desmond to take Penny back into hiding, but neglected to tell him why. Had he told Desmond about Ben's plans to kill Penny, maybe Desmond would hesitate before taking her to LA (where Ben is) to find Faraday's mom. But of course, he didn't, and now Penny's life will be in danger. Maybe if Desmond can sneak her with him when he goes back to the island, she'll be safe (as Ben can't go back..... or can he?).


It's a Poll!

13 of the 14 people who voted in last week's poll feel that my seat number is good luck. You should know that as my plane goes down, I'll be cursing you all! :) I'd like to do a new poll every week, so if you have any suggestions (or any comments about the episode), email me. As for this week's poll, I'd like to hear your predictions on Penny's fate-- Will she be killed by Ben? Will she end up on the island? What will happen?

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maxe98 said...

Was thinking about all of the speculation that ellie=eloise and possibly is Faraday's mom and that Desmond is in L.A. (at the church) to locate Farday's mom (Eloise??) and; speculation that Widmore is Farday's father (and funding the research to get locate the island). If all the previous is true (and I guess even if not), I find it interesting that Widmore apparently doesn't know Eloise is in L.A. and has knowledge how to locate/get back to the island he so desparately wants to find.