Friday, March 20, 2009

S5E09 - Namaste

We're officially past the half-way point this season, and season 5 has been so great! But for some unknown reason, we aren't being given our "no rerun" season. As you all know, last week wasn't a new episode... and now, they're saying that the April 22nd episode will be ANOTHER recap show, and not an actual new episode. Regardless, we're looking at a 2-HOUR finale in mid-May. I'm getting ahead of myself here-- let's focus on episode 9.

The Runway

It was great to see Flight 316 going down this week, and even GREATER to learn that the runway that the Others were building back in season 3 had a purpose. I wonder, though, what made them build the runway. How did they know that there would be a need for a runway in the future? Do the Others know the future? Maybe this ties in to my "Richard Alpert is from the future" theory.

The Non-Flashers

When the Ajira plane went down, 4 of the passengers flashed and woke up on the island in 1977-- Jack, Kate, Hurly, and Sayid. What's more interesting is WHY the other people didn't flash. I'm not talking about Caesar, Ilana, or any of the other background characters. I'm talking about Ben, Sun, and Frank. Is it possible that the island won't let you cross paths with yourself in another time? So, because Ben is on the island as a child in 1977, then it won't let his 2008-self come to that same time? If so, what does that mean for Sun? Was she on the island in the past? We know that her father is friends with Widmore, so could that mean that her father lived on the island once?


We finally got to meet Radzinski this week! For those that don't remember, he was one of the Swan station's original button-pushers. He was working there with Kelvin (Desmond's prior hatch-mate). According to Kelvin, pushing the button drove him crazy and he shot himself. Something tells me that Kelvin isn't being completely honest. We learned this week that Radzinski was involved in the design of the swan station. And hints from the producers indicate that we'll be learning a lot more about the Swan station this season. YES!

The Mystery Girl

Ok... I.... When.... Did you.... forget it. Just look at the footage.

There's someone there, right? And does it not look like Smokey rolls into the room when the door bursts open? We heard smokey right before they found the houses too, so we know he's nearby.

So is this Claire? It kinda looks like Charlotte too. It makes more sense that it'd be Claire, as she was last seen with Christian. And what does he mean when he says that they've got a journey ahead of them? Maybe if they leave the island on one bearing and return immediately after through a different bearing, then they'll be able to get to 1977. ???

Bruised Ben

At the end of "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham", Locke found a pretty beat-up Ben. In this episode, we learned that Ben survived the crash with only a few scratches... but was knocked out by Sun. My question is-- how did he get all bashed and bruised like we saw before? Can we expect to see Ben attacked by smokey? Or maybe the rest of the flight 316 survivors? Or maybe I'm just crazy.

Baby Ethan

Yes! The baby did turn out to be someone we know! And Juliet was quick to return him back to Amy when she realized the baby was Ethan. So, was Ethan the last known baby to be born on the island (other than Aaron, of course)? And I wonder if Amy is someone we've met before. At the beginning of season 2, when we first met Juliet, she was visited by an older lady named Amelia, who came over as part of her book club. And "Amy" is short for "Amelia", right? Hmmmm.



The president in 1977 was Jimmy Cater. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.


The Poll

Every time we're in Dharma-ville, I keep expecting to see Rose and Bernard somewhere! They can't just ignore the characters, right? And is it too late now to say, "Yeah, they've been here the whole time"? Let me know where you think they are.


Anonymous said...

Nice recap as usual. I did catch the smoke coming into the cabin on the original airing, but thought I was imagining it. Thanks for letting me know I'm not crazy. i did not, however, catch the person in the background. Very cool!

I have a couple theories....
1) I remember that the adult Ethan had some type of uber-man thing going on. He seemed to have "super strength". I wonder if that is because he was born on the island. Could the "others" be some type of military experiment to create super soldiers or super humans and Ethan was the first result of what they are trying to attain? Kind of a stretch, maybe, but interesting thought.

2) I think that the island seperated the crew and sent Ben to the 70's so that he can't interfer with them killing the young Ben and preventing him from doing all the harm he's done.

Keep up the great blog!

Phil Tittola

Benjamin Twiggs said...

what did you think of that Simpsons special the other day?