Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ready for Season Six!

Guess who's back! And I'm totally ready for season six... I think. I honestly couldn't be more excited, but it's certainly bittersweet, thinking that tomorrow, I'll be watching the last ever LOST season premiere. And in just a few months, we will all gather around our television sets and watch the final episode in LOST history. Sure, someone will try to remake it in 30 years (probably in a major motion picture)... but it'll never be LOST.

I wanted my "return of LOST" post to be about the surprise LOST-themed birthday party that my wife threw me this summer, but (as always) I got a little side-tracked when my daughter was born, just a couple weeks after the party. I'll be doing a post full of pictures in the near future. But for now, I wanted to do a quick post on some possible theories for the final season.

As you remember, LOST season 5 ended with one big question-- can you change the past? Back in 1977, Juliet was pulled deep into the hatch shaft where she detonated a hydrogen-bomb, hoping to destroy the island, or at least the pocket of electromagnetic energy that lead to the pushing of the button, which lead to the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Faraday's theory is that if they can detonate the bomb at the source of this electromagnetic anomoly (the "incident"), their plane will never crash on the island in 2004.

So, did it work? It had to. I mean, if it didn't, wouldn't that mean that all of the characters back in 1977 are dead? We did hear an explosion.... and I doubt that after waiting nearly 9 months, they'd go back and say that it was just a minor explosion (enough to kill Juliet, and that's it). Then again, they did do a switch-a-roo with where Sayid shot Young Ben (moving his bullet wound from heart-side to the other side of his chest).

I also have a hard time believing that the premiere is going to start with Flight 815 landing in LAX. It's a cop-out to undo everything over the past 5 seasons.

The best option that I can think of is a combination of both... the half-"it worked" and half-"it didn't" theory.... here's my prediction for season 6.

Seasons 1, 2, and 3 had flashbacks. Season 4 had flash-forwards. Season 5 had time jumps (between 1977 and 2007). I'm predicting that the storytelling will change in season 6 to a flashing between alternate paths.

Along one path, Jack & Co are blasted back to 2007 where they meet up with "Locke" and friends, and try to figure out their purpose on the island.

Along the second path, the Losties are blasted back to September 22, 2004 on Flight 815, where they land safely in LAX. Off the island, we'll watch as destiny brings the losties together. We'll see Boone die, then Shannon, etc. And at the end of the series, they'll all end up back on the island, exactly where they are in the first timeline. It'll be a season-long course-correction.

I'm sure that my theory is wrong... and I'm sure I'll be proved wrong as soon as the season starts. But in the off-chance that I'm right, I had to post it. :)

Thanks again to eveyone that reads. I'm really looking forward to this season and being able to share my theories with you all!


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Jeff (Hawaii) said...

This past Saturday they had a premeire event here in Hawaii. I seen an interview with Evangeline Lilly where she said that she was excited to see how everything works out now that the characters are working with a clean slate. I think your last theory is partially correct in that they will follow the Losties through an alternate reality of no plane crash, but that somehow over time they are still drawn together...