Wednesday, May 14, 2008

S4E11 - Cabin Fever (continued)

...and here is the promised "Part 2" of my Cabin Fever recap.

Who's Behind It?
Michael made a comment to Frank about Widmore being behind the staged wreckage of Flight 815. And when he did, Frank let out a little laugh, suggesting that Widmore is NOT the person behind it. I don't know why, but I have a feeling that we might be able to trust Frank. And if he says that it wasn't Widmore, I'm thinking maybe it wasn't. Is it too much to suggest a possible third party that is trying to create this war between Widmore and Ben? What about Sun's dad? I mean, he's definitely involved in some way.... I just don't know how yet.

Keamy's Armband
While preparing to go back to the island after being nearly massacred by the smoke monster, we see Keamy getting some sort of device strapped to his arm. If I had to guess, I'd say that this was somehow tapping into his heart rate, and if it were to stop, maybe he would explode, killing everyone else around him. It's basically his way of saying, "Don't kill me unless you want to die too".

Special Delivery
While flying back to the island, good ol' Frank dropped a sat phone out of the helicopter and onto the beach where Jack & Co. are waiting. The plan now is that the beach camp will follow the signal on the satellite phone to Frank's team. But why? Maybe when Frank lands, his plan is to hurry up and get the Losties on the helicopter and start flying them back in groups.

Kidnapping Locke
I always wondered why, if Locke was so important, the Others never came and kidnapped (or "old-man-napped") him, like they did with the tail section. But then it hit me-- one of the things that is brought up a lot is the subject of conning someone into doing something by making them think that what they're doing is actually their idea. We've seen it over-and-over again. I hate thinking that someone is pulling a fast one on Locke, but let's face it... it wouldn't be the first time Locke was deceived.

Brought to the Island?
This episode really touched on one of the BIGGEST mysteries in all of Lost-- Did someone bring them to the island? Or is it just coincidence? Fate? How / Why did they crash there? It seems like Richard wanted Locke on that island and would do anything he could to get him there. Since we know there are elements of time being played with on this show, does it seem logical to assume that Ben & Co. knew that on September 22, 2004, Oceanic Flight 815 would be crashing on that island.... so they went back in time and set the losties on paths that would guarantee that they be on that flight? Remember, most of the Losties (i.e. Locke, Sayid, Kate, Sawyer, Claire, etc.) were GIVEN their plane ticket.

Inside Jacob's Cabin
This scene wins the award for creepiest moment in season 4. Locke enters and Jack's (and Claire's) dad is sitting in the middle of the cabin. He tells Locke that, while he is not Jacob, he can speak on his behalf. Christian confirms that Locke is there because he was chosen. But then Locke looks to the other side of the room, and there is Claire, staring up at him. All she says is, "Don't worry. I'm fine. I'm with him." When Locke asked about Aaron, Christian's response is that he's where he's supposed to be ("and that's not here"). Christian then goes on to tell Locke that since they don't have time for the small chat, that he needs to ask Christian the one question that does matter. Of course, Locke opts for "How do I save the island?" His response.... are you ready for this..... they have to move the island.


Move the island? But how? And can you be more specific? Move it to another spot on Earth? Move it to another place in time? Something tells me that this is a HUGE set up for the finale. I mean, wouldn't it be trippy if season 4 ended with them NOT being on a tropical island, but instead surrounded by snow and ice? Or if all of a sudden, they went back in time (not too far) but to right before the plane crashed, so the last shot of the season would be that of Flight 815 crashing on the island?

Dead or Alive?
Since the episode aired, fans across the internet have been in a widespread debate about Claire. Did her appearance in "Cabin Fever" confirm that she's officially dead? My wife is convinced that she actually died when her house was blown up by the Freighter Army. I still think she's alive though. Email me or leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Lost with Drew's Wife
On a side note, Julie pointed out something to me last week that I forgot to include in my recap. And it is DEFINITELY worth posting. In last year's finale, we saw that drunk-Jack ended up in the hospital, where his ex-wife Sarah came to see him. She told him that she was still listed as his emergency contact. But wait.... this flash-forward takes place YEARS after they returned from the island... and AFTER he was engaged to Kate. Why wouldn't Kate be his emergency contact? Or Hurley?

New Poll Up
The producers announced early this season that, by the end of this season, we'd find out who was in the coffin. I wanted to get your thoughts, so I'm gonna put up a poll to see what you guys think. So make sure to vote!!!

Next week.... I mean, tomorrow
The next episode is the first hour of a 3-hour finale. It is titled "There's No Place Like Home (Part 1)". Don't forget that LOST will not be on next week so that Grey's Anatomy can have it's 2-hour finale. It will return on the 29th, where we'll get the 2nd and 3rd hours of the finale in a big 2-hour LOST extravaganza, starting a 9:00 (EST).

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LOST -- The Litigator's Blog said...

Claire's dead. That's why Miles was so fascinated with her while they were walking in the jungle. remember, Miles is a medium.

Ann said...

Oooh, good point I'd forgotton about that!