Friday, May 16, 2008

S4E12 - There's No Place Like Home

The season finale has begun. This episode is the first hour of the season 4 three-hour finale. Don't forget that LOST will NOT be on this week, but next week, we'll get the remaining 2 hours on Thursday, May 29th, starting at 9pm (EST). Now, let's take a closer look into the first hour.

Flashback Reunions
How great was it to see all of the characters that we've come to know and love from various flashbacks all coming together to welcome back the losties! I wonder if we're going to see some of these cross-overs coming out in the open...just like:

Grandma Littleton
At Jack's dad's funeral, he was approached by Claire's mom, who apparently has awakened from her coma. She told Jack that Claire was his half-sister. What she didn't know, though, is that Claire was (and possibly still is) alive.

Geronimo Jackson
At Hurley's surprise birthday party, the disc jockey was spotted with a Geronimo Jackson record. We first saw a Geronimo Jackson record in the hatch in season 2, when Charlie and Hurley said that they'd never heard of them. They are a fictional band that is brought up time after time on the show. Since being introduced, we've seen that Eddie (the young cop that infiltrated Locke's "family") was wearing a Geronimo Jackson shirt, and even in last week's "Cabin Fever" episode, Locke had a Geronimo Jackson poster in his locker. I don't know the significance (if any), but keep an eye out for future Geronimo Jackson appearances.

The Others
Now that "Cane" has been cancelled, we are sure to see more and more of Richard Alpert...just in time for the finale. He made his return in "Cabin Fever" off the island, but is now back on-island in his traditional "natives" clothing. He (and the rest of the "others") captured Kate and Sayid, and I think they might be headed for the Temple. I think that we're gonna get a look at the temple during the last two hours of the season, and I've really got my fingers crossed that we see more eerie things there like the four-toed statue.

Just Drive a Mile
For a birthday present, Hurley's dad gave him the Camaro that they were working on when he was a kid. He finished it after the plane crash, as a tribute to Hurley. The keys were on a rabbit's foot keychain. Luck has always been an issue in Hurley's, don't forget that the Dharma van that he found in the jungle had a rabbit's foot keychain. But that's not the weird part... when he went inside, his instrument panel displayed the infamous numbers. My thought... just drive a mile, and change the numbers. Then again... maybe he should have his dad drive that mile. When those numbers are involved, you can't take your chances.

Sweet Revenge
After receiving her settlement from Oceanic, Sun purchased a controlling share in her father's business. I have a feeling that this is going to pay off big in the end. It has long been believed that Paik Industries has ties to the Widmore Corporation and the Hanso Foundation. If they are actually connected to Widmore, then it's possible that her position in this company will offer the losties the ability to make it back to the island. Maybe they'll help Widmore find it.

Two Reasons
Sun told her father that he is one of two reasons that Jin is dead. What is the other? Perhaps she blames Locke for keeping him on the island? I'm still sticking to the idea that Jin is still alive... somewhere. I think that after Locke moves the island, it's going to appear as if everyone that is on the island is dead.

The Story
At the Oceanic Airlines press conference, the Oceanic 6 told a story of 8 survivors who landed in the water and survived on a small island in the (I believe) Indian Ocean. Obviously, this story is not true... but the question is-- who came up with it? I used to think that this was something that Oceanic came up with, but it seems more apparent that this is a pact between the Losties... that they agreed with the people who stayed back that they'd never reveal the truth.

The Orchid Entry
In Daniel's Journal, we saw a sketch of the Orchid Station logo. It is, in fact, the same logo that we saw on Ben's parka, and also on the freighter's secondary protocol manual. And when Daniel heard that they were going to the secondary protocol, he FREAKED OUT and said that they need to get off the island IMMEDIATELY! So, does this mean that Daniel knows all about the Orchid? This is obviously going to be the station that allows Locke to move the island....but how? I think we'll find out next week!
Daniel's Orchid Logo

Well, that's about it from me (for now). I've got a couple other things that I want to post, but I'll save that for later this week. Until then, if you've got any theories you want to share, I'd love to hear them, so please leave a comment or email me.


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