Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"LA X" Revisited

After posting my recap yesterday, I realized that I forgot to mention 2 of the biggest things in the episode...

Born Again

With bullet wounds still not healed from last year, Sayid was nearing Death when Jacob told him to take him to the temple. There, they dipped his body in water and drowned him. After lying lifeless on the temple floor for quite some time, he was suddenly resurrected. I've heard a lot of speculation that Sayid's body has been taken over by Jacob, but I don't know that it'd be that obvious. I mean, if Jacob's soul can take over another body, then there aren't any ramifications of him dying. Remember, Jacob's nemesis did not take over Locke's body (as it is still lying in the beach, spilling out of that steel crate). He simply took on Locke's form. But there's no denying that SOMETHING is in Sayid. I keep going back to when Ben was a kid, and Richard took him to the temple to save him, but warning that he would never be the same, and all his innocence would be lost. I hate to say it... but I think we're about to see a dark side to Sayid.

Smokey's Home

(not)Locke, also known as "Smokey", told Ben that he wants the one thing that John Locke never wanted-- to go home. But where is home? That's the million-dollar question right now. The easy assumption is that his home is the temple. But is that too easy? What if his home is not on the island? My wife's going to be disappointed that I'm writing this because she thinks I'm looking into it too much, but... In the pilot episode, just after seeing the "monster" knocking down the trees in the jungle, we hear Rose in the background having a conversation with another one of the survivors, and she says, "The sound that it made... There's something so familiar about it," to which the other castaway says, "Really? Where are you from?" She replies, "The Bronx." Could Smokey be from New York? Really?

Here's my theory:

The smoke monster is the soul of Jacob's nemesis. It was separated from its body, and currently exists in 2 forms. Its naked form is the smoke monster, but it has the ability to assume the forms of other dead bodies on the island (Jack's dad, Ben's daughter, Eko's brother, and now Locke). His real body (perhaps the one we saw him "wearing" in last year's finale) is being guarded in the temple. And the whole purpose of the island is to keep this smoke monster at bay.

He was banished to the island, and Jacob was sent as his guard. But now that Jacob is dead, Richard is free from his "chains", and the smoke monster can now resume his original shape and leave the island. It just needs its body first. This is why everyone was putting the ash around the temple... to prevent him from getting his body back.

This man is truly evil. And letting him get his body back is the only way he can leave the island. And him leaving the island is NOT good.

OK... I get it.... some of the ideas here are flawed, but still worth keeping in the back of our heads. All I know is that when (not)Locke shows up at the temple, the doo-doo is gonna hit the fan! Remember, Jack & Co still believe that Locke is dead, so when they see him walking around, they're going to be in shock. Will he be able to trick them into letting him into the temple? Maybe Jacob will visit Hurley again and warn him that this man is NOT Locke.

And Now, a Treat...

Here is a side-by-side comparison that someone did of the pilot episode and the opening scene of this year's premiere.


Aidyn said...

I just wanted to post about the episode two weeks ago where Sayid dies and comes back to life.

I noticed that when they pull Sayid out of the water his body is posed in a Christ like way. Arms spread out like Christ on the Cross. As we know, baptism is being like Christ where you are dipped beneath the water where your sins are washed away. You raise up from the water sin free and reborn. We know Sayid had tortured and killed many people, so, I guess what I am saying is, this would make him "clean" and "new" if it was to work correctly. Let me just say I do not have all the answers. However, I think this could possibly be another suggestion to the Sayid death and ressurection.


drew said...

Nice theory, Chrystal! In a weird lost-esque coinsidence, my daughter was just baptized this weekend.

This show has dealt with the idea of good vs evil for a long time. I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up flip-flopping as to who is good and who is bad up until the last episode of the series. It does seem almost too obvious that Sayid is now evil (per Dogen's threats), but what if he is clean and pure now? If he and Smokey are the good people, and Dogen and the other Temple-folk are bad, Sayid may try to talk Jack & Co into leaving the temple.... though that may make Sayid seem like he's bad. (I feel like I'm writing in circles here.) haha