Monday, February 15, 2010

S6E03 - What Kate Does

Ok, so the episode wasn't rich in mythology, and some may consider it a "filler", since we've only got 15 hours of LOST left. But there were certainly some things worth thinking about... primarily, Sayid's "condition".

The Infection

I think we can all agree that SOMETHING is in Sayid. According to Dogen (the temple master), he didn't pass the test, meaning that he has been "infected", or "claimed". But what does that mean? Our biggest clue was given at the end of the episode when Dogen told Jack that Claire too had been "claimed". Could this explain why she only seemed to grieve over Charlie's death for a half-an-episode? Maybe when Keamy and the other mercenaries from the freighter blew up Claire's house, she was killed? She did seem spacey and very much out-of-it afterwards.

And is this the same "sickness" that Rousseau spoke about? We saw that Rousseau's team was taken by smokey, and after they returned, she killed them all, claiming that they were "sick". We were all convinced that she was right when we saw her husband try to shoot her.... BUT, it is possible that SHE was the sick one? That SHE was claimed and her husband was trying to kill her because of that?

On a side note, don't the commercials for LOST keep saying something like, "The time for questions is over"? So far, that's false advertising.

Note: I'm not complaining... I just think it's funny. Though if they don't start answering things soon, it's not gonna be so funny.

Dr. Goodspeed

My favorite thing about this episode was the return of Ethan! I didn't even think about this before, but if all the women and children left the island, then a 3-year-old Ethan and his mother (Amy) made it off the island and to safety. This got me thinking about all of the other people that are off the island. Other than the Losties, I'd like to think we could look forward to seeing an off-island (and hopefully less messy) Rousseau, and perhaps Tom (Mr. Friendly). Fingers crossed!

Love Triangle No More?

Could it be? Is Sawyer officially out of the love triangle? It's gone from a triangle, to a quadrangle, to a couple happy couples, to a couple triangles, and now appears to be a series of one-directional arrows... Jack loves Kate; Kate loves Sawyer; Sawyer loves Juliet; Juliet is dead.

On the subject of the original love triangle of Jack-Kate-Sawyer, I have a new theory that a lot of people aren't gonna like.... Kate will end up with Jack in the Island timeline, but with Sawyer in the "LA" timeline. So far, so good. She appears to not have a choice with island-Sawyer anymore; and her only LA interaction with Jack was when she stole his pen on the plane.

Ooh.... typing that just gave me another theory. If Jack ever finds his dad's body, he will have the funeral in LA. There, he'll meet Claire's mom, who will introduce him to Claire (who will still be in LA). And because Kate is now friends with Claire, that's how they could meet. Though, I don't know if Jack is ok with dating one of his sister's friends. Then again, she's only his HALF-sister.

LA Criminals

Before I get into this, why the hell would Claire feel safe at all around Kate, who just carjacked her taxi and stole her purse? Just because she gave it back? Strange... Anyway, I've been trying to think about how they can get all of the Losties together in the LA timeline, and I have a feeling that a good number of them may be headed for the slammer.

Charlie was arrested for heroin possession.
Jin and Sun may be be in trouble for travelling with large quantities of unclaimed cash.
Sawyer killed a man the night before Flight 815 (assuming that this hasn't changed in the new timeline).
Kate is on the run for murder.
Claire lied to police and is harboring a fugitive.

....Seinfeld ending, anyone? God, I hope not!

The Remedy

Most people didn't like this episode, again, because they called it a "filler". I think the real reason that they didn't like it was that it didn't show everyone's favorite character, Locke. Ok... so he's just MY favorite character. Anyway, have no fear... he'll be back in tonight's episode! It's supposed to be Locke-centric... but since Locke isn't Locke, can we expect it to be smoke monster-centric? I get chills just thinking about it!

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