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S4E07 - "Ji Yeon"

What a great episode! Lots of answers.... lots of questions! But first, an exclusive answer from the producers of LOST. In a podcast released earlier this week, they stated that Harper (Juliet's therapist) was not dead. So in her creepy appearance (and disappearance) last week, she wasn't a ghost. That's not to say that she wasn't bi-locating though. :)

"Can't" with a capital SEE
Yes, I realize that these titles are getting lamer and lamer with each post, but whatever. That's not what this is about. This one is about Regina. She was "reading" her book upside-down outside the room where Sayid and Desmond were being kept captive. But why was it upside-down? Can she not read? Has she gone crazy? Is she just REALLY REALLY talented? Or, could it be that she's blind? When Frank approached her, she seemed startled and mentioned that she didn't hear him coming (an indication that she might really be blind). Either way, why was she pretending to read?

The Suicide Ship
While out on the deck, we see Regina walk out onto a platform with chains wrapped around her body. She stepped to the edge of the boat and just jumped into the water (using those chains to weigh her down). Okay, so maybe now I'm leaning more towards the "Regina is crazy" option. And apparently, she isn't the only one. When Desmond and Sayid are brought to their new room (complete with scatterring cockroaches), we see a giant blood-stain on the wall. At first glance, it appears to be the result of a bullet-to-the-head. And I have a strange feeling that it was self-inflicted.

Yar! What be wrong with the captain?
After Frank's warning of them not wanting to meet the captain and the mysterious note slipped under the door warning "Do not trust the captain", I can't help but think that maybe the captain isn't such a good guy. Move over Ben-- you've got competition!

Frankie Goes To.... I don't know
While out on the landing pads, Sayid pointed out that the helicopter is gone (as is Frank). It seems logical to assume that he refilled his fuel and headed back to the island. But something tells me that Frank might disappear for a few episodes (similar to the way the payload took longer than it should have to reach the island).

"Y'all wanna see 324 dead bodies?"
It was almost revealed in this episode that Ben is the one responsible for staging the Flight 815 wreckage in the bottom of the Ocean (as discovered in the episode "Confirmed Dead"). The captain (who...keep in mind... we CANNOT trust) mentioned that there are concerns over how someone could stage something that huge, complete with all 300+ dead passengers. And that, he said, is why they need to talk to Ben. So where did Ben get 324 dead bodies? My initial thought was that he used a bunch of the corpses of the DHARMA folk that were killed in the purge. But, when he showed Locke the pit where he disposed of their bodies, they were all skeletons (which the "passengers" were not).

Kareem Abdul Jabar
Okay, so using that name might have made it a little more obvious that he was lying. I guess that's why Michael (YES!), who is on the freighter (YES! YES!), using the alias Kevin Johnson (former guard for the Phoenix Suns). I don't know about you guys, but I am totally psyched to see Michael finally back on the show! And if having him back isn't cool enough, it looks like we're gonna get some answers next week, in an episode titled, "Meet Kevin Johnson". My prediction is this-- Michael and Walt sailed off and eventually made it back to the mainland. Feeling bad, Michael dropped Walt off with his grandma (Michael's mom), and immediately headed back for the island, in an attempt to make good for what he did. Remember, he killed Ana Lucia and Libby in order to release Ben so that he could get Walt back from the Others. Oh... and, by the way, if you watched the episode close enough, you would've seen Michael early on, looking down at Sayid and Desmond on the launch pad.

Michael in the Hoodie

Don't forget Jin & Sun!
Oh yeah... it was a Jin and Sun episode. I guess I should talk a little bit about them. Well, the writers have done it again-- they pulled a quick one on us. While the whole episode, my wife is saying, "Jin and Sun are divorced! Jin's not going to see her at the hospital," I couldn't help but have hope that she was wrong and that they were happily married, and ready to accept their first baby into this world. And in traditional LOST fashion, we were both wrong. Last night's episode marks the very first time we saw BOTH a flashback of one character, and a flashforward of another... only to find out in the end that Jin died.....well.....maybe not. Take a look at this:

Jin's Tombstone

Do you see it? Jin's date of death is September 22, 2004... also known as the day Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 crashed. So he is NOT one of the Oceanic 6... which means that he NEVER got off the island... which means that he could still be alive, living on the island. I have a feeling that people were being taken to the freighter in shipments of only a few at a time... and before they could get everyone off the island, the freighter had to leave, resulting in only 7 being rescued (Desmond wasn't on the plane, and wouldn't be on of the Oceanic 6.... I think). Also an interesting note... according to the date on the left (Sun's birthdate), she is only 24 on the show. That's strange, since she is actually 34 in real life.

And as a side note, while we're on the subject of age, does anyone else find it hard to believe that the actor that plays Ben will be turning 54 this year? I always just assumed that he was in his early 40's.

The Return of Nikki
If you watched closely in Sun's first flashback, you could see that she was watching an episode of Exposé, the TV show that Nikki (of "Nikki and Paulo") starred in. I wonder if she recognized her.

Nikki on TV

Just a Few More Things...
While I think that basically wraps up my summary for now, I did want to make note of a couple things. The first being that the producers recently did an interview they were asked if we would ever see an on-island flash-forward. Their response was, "Who says we haven't already seen one?" And while they're probably just pulling our chains, we'll all have to remember to keep that in mind while re-watching these episodes during the 6-week hiatus. Yes, it's true... we're going to have to take a 6-week break. Basically, next week is our last episode for a while, and the show is set to return on April 24th, and run through May 22nd. The finale this year will be 2 hours (don't get excited yet) separated into two one-hour episodes.

And now for a bonus...
I came across this video on one of the many LOST sites I frequent, and I thought it'd be a fun way to end this week's recap. Enjoy!

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