Friday, March 21, 2008

S4E08 - "Meet Kevin Johnson"

Michael's back!!!!!!!! Libby's back!!!!! Tom's back!!!!!!!! Walt's back (sorta?)!!!!!!! This week's episode was great! And I have a feeling that once LOST returns, we are gonna be speed through the rest of the season with hard-hitting episodes each and every week. But in the meantime, let's look at what happened this week.

The Oceanic 6
Sheesh... it feels like I have a subject every week talking about the idenities of the Oceanic 6, and now I can say with certainty that they are as follows: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Aaron, and Sun. The question we should be asking now is.... what happened to the rest of the people? I can't think that they'd just kill everyone else off. And I'm going to go on record as saying that if they kill off John Locke, I am officially going on strike from writing this blog until they bring him back from the dead! But something tells me that the people that are not of the Oceanic 6 are still alive and on the island.... however, I think that the Oceanic 6 might believe that they are all dead.

After returning home, Walt refused to talk to Michael becuase of what he had done. And Michael's life went down the toilet. He strapped a suicide note to his chest and drove head-on into a cement wall. And after a couple days in the hospital, he was released.... at which point, he purchased a gun so that he could shoot himself. And just before he pulled the trigger, we hear a familiar voice come from the shadows in the alley-- it's Tom! And he tells Michael that the island won't let him kill himself. Does that mean that he can't die at all? Or that he just can't take his own life? And think back to last year's finale, when Jack was on the bridge in LA, ready to jump to his death, when suddenly there was a crash behind him. This too appears to be the island not letting him die. It's also worth noting that people on the island seem to die without any problems (except for Mikhail, who was killed about 15 times before he actually died).

"You're Not My Type"
After the season 3 premiere, fans couldn't help but wonder why Tom (aka Mr. Friendly) laughed at Kate and told her that she's not his type. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Kate everyone's type? Apparently not..... especially if you swing in the opposite direction. Yes, Tom is officially LOST's first gay character. And something made me think that his boyfriend was not just a one-time hook-up.... I got the impression that they were actually in a relationship, so how often did Tom leave the island? That brings me to my next point...

Tom's Vacation
When did Tom have time to go to Manhattan to meet up with Michael? And did anyone else feel that Tom stayed in Manhattan for more than just a couple days? Wouldn't we have seen him missing for a few episodes last season? If time on the island is different from time off the island, that might help explain it.... especially if Tom knows of ways to leave the island and arrive "back in time" in the real world.

Everyone Has Secrets
When stepping onto the freighter for the first time, Michael gives his name as Kevin Johnson, to which Miles quickly remarks, "Kevin isn't your real name." And when Michael looks up at him, he makes a comment about how everyone's lying about something. So what is he lying about? What about Faraday? Charlotte? Frank? I'm starting to think that while Michael's note said not to trust the captain... that maybe we shouldn't trust ANYONE. But most importantly, don't trust Sayid with your secrets.

Sayid was awfully quick to turn Michael in to the captain. And when he made his big reveal to the captain about Michael being from Oceanic Flight 815, and working for Ben, the captain didn't really seem too surprised. My question is-- how long has the captain known? It was very frustrating to watch how mad Sayid got that Michael is working for Ben, when we all know that in the future, Sayid will be working for him.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
After last week's episode, they aired a trailer for "Meet Kevin Johnson", saying that someone was going to die. And while I've been predicting that Claire would die lately, I couldn't help but guess Juliet. My wife was thinking that they'd kill Desmond. The end of this week's episode would prove us both wrong. While making their journey to the temple, Rousseau and Karl were both shot, leaving Alex to exclaim, "I'm Ben's daughter!"

This is known as the "Who Shot Mr. Burns" cliffhanger. Was it the Freighter Folk? Was it the Others? My guess is that it's the Freighties. We saw them doing some skeet shooting over the ocean, so we know they've got some pretty heavy arsenal (and good aim too). And remember, the helicopter was missing for a couple days. It's possible that Frank took a few of their soldiers over to the island to start picking the people off one-by-one. It'd certainly be in their favor if they were to capture Alex and trade her life for Ben's..... then again, I don't know that Ben would make that trade. I mean, he "loves" Juliet, and nearly let her drown when Jack opened the door in the Hydra. It appears he's only looking out for numero uno. So, who do you think is the shooter?

Choose a Side
Put yourself in the place of the Losties, and choose a side. Charles Widmore or Benjamin Linus? Who's good, and who's bad? Who staged the crash? I'm going to be the first to go on record as saying that I would side with Ben. I think that Charles Widmore is the bad guy here, and he is the one that staged the plane crash. He obviously knows about Flight 815, and he was the one to purchase the journal of Magnus Hanso, captain of the Black Rock (which, as we all know, is on that same island). I'd love to hear theories on who we can trust and why. If you've got any, please don't hesitate to e-mail me. But if you don't have time for an email, be sure to at least respond to the poll that I posted.

Sorry for the huge delay on this recap. It's been a crazy Easter weekend. The recap isn't totally complete yet, but I figured I'd post what I have done so far. Look for a continued recap later in the week.

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