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S5E05 - This Place Is Death

How great is this season so far! We're only 5 episodes in, meaning we've got another 12 hours of LOST (this season) ahead of us. And the answers just keep on comin'!

The Transmission

Shortly after finding Jin on the beach, you could hear Rousseau's team listening to their radios. On it was the infamous "Numbers" broadcast repeating, "4...8...15...16...23...42". Since hearing this, there has been a lot of debate about the voice. Some think it's Daniel; some, Jack; some, Hurley. And because of all the time travelling this season, it's very possible. There have been so many things in this show that can be explained with time travel. I think that this next summer is going to require that we all re-watch all previous seasons... then again, who says we've got to wait for the summer?

The Rules of Death

Everyone knows that before you die, you've got to start explaining your secret connection to the Dharma Initiative, only to blurt out a huge revelation with your last breath. What? You didn't know that? Well, now you do. Take a lesson from Charlotte. Before dying in Daniel's arms, she mumbled something about not being able to eat chocolate, but then told Daniel that she grew up on the island. And when she was younger, she and her mom had were forced to leave by a "crazy man" who told her never to come back; and if she did, she would die. If that weren't spooky enough, she realized that the "crazy man" from back in the day was Daniel Faraday.

Remember when Faraday told Desmond that he needed to find his mother? Suddenly, Desmond woke up in his bed with a "new" memory of this encounter. I think that Charlotte's new-found memory with Crazy Faraday happened then and there because that's the moment that Daniel decided that he needed to go back in time and save her. In addition, Charlotte said that she became an anthropologist so that she could prove that the island existed. I think that Faraday became a physicist because he needed to find a way to control time travel so that he could go back in time to save Charlotte (the love of his life). And remember when he was crying after finding out that Flight 815 crashed on the island? Maybe he was crying because he tried to prevent the plane from crashing, and was just reassured that he cannot change the future. At that moment, he knew that Charlotte was inevitably going to die.

Locke's Not Feeling Well

After slipping down a rope, deep into the well, Locke dropped to the floor below the Orchid where he was confronted by Christian Shephard (you know... Jacob's "representative", aka Jack's dad, aka Claire's dad). He told Locke that it was LOCKE that needed to move the island-- not Ben. And the wheel was knocked off its axis, which appeared to be what was causing the island to skip through time. When Locke asked Christian for help standing up, he wouldn't help him... but why? Is it because Christian physically couldn't help him (seeing as how he's been dead for, like, 4 months)? I think it relates back to the season 1 episode "The Moth", where Locke told Charlie that he had to give up the drugs on his own, as it would only make him stronger. I looked at this as Christian's way of telling Locke that he needs to be strong enough to do it on his own.

The more important question here is-- When Locke turned the wheel, did that fix the time-skipping? I have a feeling that while BOTH the island AND the Losties have been moving in time, fixing the wheel has stopped the island from moving, but not the Losties. So, now that the island is in one place, the Oceanic 6 would be able to make it back.

This Place Is Sick

Rousseau told the story of her team getting sick and her having to kill them all. And while most fans chalked it up to her just being crazy, it turns out that she was actually telling the truth. After only a day on the island, the smoke monster attacked (YAY!). Montand was grabbed and dragged through the dirt and down into a hole at the corner of a temple. Note, this appears to be The Temple Station that Rousseau was headed with Alex and Karl right before she was shot and killed. Back to the story, though... in the world's coolest game of Tug-of-War, Montand's arm was ripped off and he was dragged deep into the hole.

Robert (Danielle's husband) followed in after him, and Rousseau would've too had Jin not stopped her. After yet another time skip, we see a few members of Rousseau's team have been shot, and she is found with a rifle pointed to Robert. She was accusing him of being "sick". She said that after being trapped with the smoke monster, he was not the same person (almost like he was possessed). He said that it wasn't a monster, and that it was a security system for the temple. Ah... so that's how Rousseau knew that it was a security system. After promises of love and affection, Rousseau began to lower her weapon, when Robert suddenly drew his rifle and pulled the trigger. Lucky for Rousseau, it didn't fire and with one quick shot, she fired a bullet right between his eyes. No wonder she's a bit nutty now.

Faraday's Mother?

Believe it or not, Ben was successful in getting the Oceanic 5 (sorry Hurley) all together. Unfortunately, Kate and Sayid both left. But have no fear-- Desmond's here! When they got to Eloise's place, Desmond showed up and asked "What are you guys doing here?" Ben's response, "The same thing you are." "Oh, you're here to see Faraday's mom too?" Woah.... Ben was surprised when Desmond said that. I really don't know how to read this though-- Did he not know that Eloise was Faraday's mom? (In which case, he should've read my blog 2 weeks ago). Or was he just surprised that Desmond knew that she was Faraday's mom? Regardless, Ben's surprise was nothing compared to Desmond's shock that Faraday's mom was the "ring lady". Double-woah.

Lost with Julie

Every once in a while, my wife comes up with a prediction or theory that she wants me to post.... ok, so I admit it-- she is always coming up with theories. I just refuse to post them all, as they would make my theories look like garbage. So instead, I just post the mediocre ones. :) This morning, she woke up and (without even saying "good morning" or anything) she rolled over and said, "They're gonna leave Aaron with Claire's mom." I can totally see this happening. It's a way for Kate to go back to the island, but still obey Claire's request to not bring him back. As usual, this sparked our entire morning LOST conversation. "Who is going back to the island?" I think it's safe to say that at least SOME of them are going to make it back.... but who?

In this week's poll, I'm asking this... if one of the Oceanic 6 doesn't make it back to the island, who is it? Make sure to cast your vote before the end of the week.

Seat 23C

As a reminder, next week I'm going to be in Salt Lake City, so I won't be able to watch LOST live. I'll have to join the millions of people who watch it online the next day. So, my blog will be a little bit delayed.

As always, I'd love to hear from you all... feel free to leave a comment below or email me with your comments, questions, or theories.

Until next time!

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