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S5E06 - 316

Hello, everyone! My apologies for the delayed recap. I'll start with a quick flashback to last Wednesday at 9:00.... where was I? [wwwooooooosssshhhh]

LOST with Maroon 5

Oh, that's right! I was at a Maroon 5 concert! How could I forget? (Thank God for these flashbacks... and my camera, of course). The bad news is that I was unable to flashforward to the weekend of my return when I caught a really bad flu bug and was completely out of it all day on Sunday. But this blog isn't about me (although my name IS in the title)-- let's get to LOST for cryin' out loud!

Luckily, I watched this episode at 3:00 in the afternoon (on Friday), so my wife and I had more time to talk about time travel, destiny, and all that other chewy-goodness that is LOST. Unfortunately, that really doesn't mean much because I'm still as confused as most of you. But we'll try to take a look at it one piece at a time.

Deputy Jin

The big kicker at the end of this episode, of course was Jin showing up in a brand new DHARMA van, sporting a DHARMA jump suit. With only a partial shot of the logo, it appears to be a star (like a DHARMA security badge). But that's beside the point. What we really want to know is WHEN THE HELL ARE WE? Breaking it down as simple as possible, I'm figuring there are 3 options (we all know there are more, but I only have time to type up 3). :)

Option 1: When Locke turned the wheel, he was projected from 2005 (real time) into 2008 while the rest of the islanders were thrown back to 1992 (right before the purge of the DHARMA initative). Aware of the danger they faced, they were able to somehow avoid the purge. They then lived on the island as members of the DHARMA initiative over the next 16 years until the island reached 2008, at which point it was able to capture Flight 316. (Note: Because of them avoiding the purge, Desmond was never in the Swan hatch, and Flight 815 never crashed on the island).

Ok... so that's probably not likely, but it's interesting to think about... what would Sawyer be like after 16 years on the island? Maybe he's run out of nicknames. Does Jin speak perfect English? (Or maybe everyone speaks Korean now?). I think I've gone too far. How about...

Option 2: Turning the wheel did nothing to stop the island from moving throughout time, and when the Oceanic "5" made it into the window and back onto the island, only 3 years (real time) had passed. In their previous time-flash, the Islanders were taken back to the 80's, where they disguisded themselves as DHARMA employees. Then, as the island flashed again as Flight 316 flew overhead, Jin was inside a DHARMA van, wearing the costume, and all was transported with him.

The thing I like about this theory is that Jin still should be speaking fluent English, and I won't have to read any more subtitles. And also, same as Option 1, this would give the Islanders a greater understanding of the history of the island. So that when the Oceanic 5 get back, they can all say, "Hey! Welcome back! You wanna know what the smoke monster is?" And all will be good. But what if it's...

Option 3: After Locke turned the wheel, the island continued flashing for a couple weeks, and flashed ahead to 2008 where they captured Flight 316, meaning essentially the opposite of Option 1... while it's been 3 years for the Oceanic 5, it's only been a month or so for the Islanders. Aaron has gone from just a baby to 3 years old.... Ji-Yeon, who had not even been born yet is now older than 2. Jack and Kate were engaged... that's certainly going to add some tension to her relationship with Sawyer.

On a side note, while I don't normally like to focus all of my attention on the relationships, I must say that I'll be disappointed if Kate doesn't end up with Sawyer at the end of the series. And while I don't know if I like Jack with Juliet, it'd still be better than Jack and Kate.... just my opinion.

Does this time travel stuff give anyone else a headache? I think I now know what Charlotte died from.

The Reinactment of Flight 815

Ok... so don't ask me why (yet), but Eloise (Mrs. Hawking) strongly believes that they've got to somehow trick the island into bringing the passengers of Flight 316 to the island by replicating the events that surrounded Flight 815. Let me do a quick rundown of some of the similarities:

The Corpse: Not only does Jack bringing Locke's corpse on the plane mirror Jack's original trip, when he brought his dad's corpse, but they made sure to mention that BOTH corpses had shoes NOT belonging to the deceased. Jack's dad had Jack's shoes.... Locke had Jack's dad's shoes. (Hey... that's why we always see Jack's dad with white tennis shoes on!) I got my money on Jack finding Locke's coffin somewhere in the jungle... empty.

The Guitar Case: I doubt Hurley plays the guitar, but maybe I'm wrong. Let's imagine, though, that I'm right-- why did Hurley insist on bringing it with him? Was it supposed to be Charlie's guitar? I certainly think so. The important question here, though, is-- how would Hurley know to bring this? Who's guiding him? Did he also have a secret meeting with Eloise?

Sayid's Arrest: In a surprising turn of events, Sayid (who we weren't expecting on the plane) was arrested and was being transported on the plane by (what appears to be) an officer of the law. Not only does this parallel Kate's original flight, where she was in custody of the federal marshall, but let's not forget that before boarding Flight 815, Sayid was arrested at the airport.

Frank Lapidus: The award for best line of the week goes to Frank, whose "We're not going to Guam, are we?" line had me in stitches. It's important here, though, to remember that Frank was originally supposed to be the pilot of Flight 815. Could this explain why the actual pilot ("Seth Norris" played by Greg Grunberg) was killed instantly by the smoke monster-- because he wasn't supposed to be on the plane?

On yet ANOTHER side note, it wasn't until Frank shaved his beard that I realized that he's the same actor from the 1991 movie Body Parts. It would probably be really really corny to watch now, but I used to LOVE this movie when I was younger.

Death to Penny?!

Ben had to leave quickly before their trip, as he had some "last minue business" to take care of. The next time we saw him, he was using a payphone at the docks while all bloodied and beaten. Does this indicate a fight with Desmond and/or Penny? Remember, his intentions were to kill sweet innocent Penelope Widmore. So, did he? What about Desmond? Is he dead too? I don't think so. If you were going to kill off one (or both) of them, you'd have to show it. Plus, it wasn't Desmond's destiny to return to the island via plane.... maybe the island needs Desmond to return on a boat, just like he did back in 2001.

Krazy Kate

Not only did Kate seem to change her mind about going back to the island awfully fast... but she had a plan with Aaron-- she just couldn't tell Jack what that plan was. So, what made Kate change her mind? Something tells me that she's being blackmailed somehow. Ben, perhaps? I've only watched the episode once, so I don't quite recall the timeline-- could this have been the "business" that Ben was actually taking care of? Maybe he kidnapped Aaron, and is using him to get Kate back to the island? Maybe that was his oringal plan with those lawyer guys?

Keep It Movin'

One of the most important reveals in this episode is when Eloise told Jack that the island is always moving, which is why they were never rescued. So, what exactly does this mean? Is "always" really ALWAYS? If so, then she must not be referring to it moving in time, because they crashed on September 22, 2004... lived on the island for 108 days... and were rescued some time around Christmas (I forget the exact date) in 2004. That all adds up. So it must've just been moving its physical location.

If I had to guess, I'd say that the island was moving to a different point on the map every 108 minutes (courtesy of the button in the hatch). Once Desmond turned that failsafe key, it stopped the island from moving in space. Then, once the donkey wheel was turned, that's when the island started moving in time (not to say that it wasn't moving in time at one point in the past). So, that time between when Desmond turned the failsafe key (at the end of Season 2... roughly 65 days after Flight 815 crashed) and the time that Ben turned the wheel (day 108), the island was not moving at all. So, once the island stopped moving, it took roughly 6 weeks to find the island.

Of course, these all will likely be the shortest-lived theories ever, as tomorrow's episode will likely prove them all wrong.


Dude, Where's My Plane?

This week's poll surrounds the apparent lack of wreckage of Flight 316. Did it crash on the island? Or were a chosen few survivors just transported out of the plane via the flash of light? I'm going to leave it at that (as this week's poll will only be live for a few hours). I'm just going to throw this out there, though-- if the flight DID crash, and the survivors immediately flashed back in time, then the wreckage wouldn't be there... yet. Right?

Again, I want to apologize for not getting this out sooner. I should be able to get this next recap out quicker. I hope you all enjoy tomorrow's episode!

Thanks for reading! And as always, I love hearing your feedback!


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