Tuesday, March 2, 2010

S6E05 - Lighthouse

Before I start, I wanted to give a quick shout-out to my son, Dawson, who made it onto Jacob's wheel of names (#124) ! Ok... I admit... it's Michael's last name, and that's why it's really on the wheel. It's still cool though.

Claire's Friend

Yes, Claire has been trekking through the jungle for the past 3 years. No, she is not alone. She refers to her "friend", but it isn't until the end that we realize she's referring to (not)Locke. So now, he has "recruited" Claire and Sawyer, and (perhaps through this "infection") Sayid? And if he promises Jin to take him to Sun, I'm sure he too can be recruited. And I'm pretty sure they're headed straight for the temple, so when they get there, I think it'll be easy for them to convince Miles (the only "Lostie" at the temple) to join as well. Looks like (not)Locke is quickly building his team.

On a side note, I haven't really been "feeling" Claire this season... up until the moment when she said, "This isn't John... this is my friend." At that moment, I became a Claire-fan again.

Mirror Mirror

No, I'm not referring to the lighthouse mirror. I referring to the one at the beginning, when Jack first noticed his appendectomy scar. Remember, back in season 4 when they were trying to leave the island, Juliet performed an emergency appendectomy on Jack. But now, in this "alternate timeline", Jack has the scar, apparently from when he was a child. Strangely, though, he doesn't seem to remember. I'm positive this is connected to the weird "DejaVu" feeling that he had on the plane. 13 more hours left to explain what all of this means!

The Will

Ah, so THAT's how Jack is going to meet Claire in the "LA" timeline. She's in his dad's will! Wow.... bad week for Jack's mom. Her husband runs away to Sydney, then dies, then she find out that he was cheating on her. Ouch!

Translated Threat

When Hurley told Dogen that he was a candidate and could do whatever he wanted, Dogen said something in Japanese(?), which Jacob refused to translate. Luckily, the online community was able to help out with this one. Roughly translated, he said, "You're lucky I have to protect you. Otherwise, I'd cut your head off."

A little harsh, don't 'cha think? Kidding aside, this is good confirmation that the people of the temple are there to protect the candidates. It's just too bad they all left. :)

Whose Funeral is it Anyway?

Jack's mom mentioned to him that David (Jack's son) was "really upset at the funeral". But wait... earlier in the episode, Jack's mom called Jack and asked him if the airport found the body yet. So, she's not referring to Christian's funeral. Whose funeral was it then? It wasn't David's mom (as she was mentioned as being "out of town").

Baby Mama

Speaking of David's mom, the writers intentionally did not put her in this episode for a reason (most likely to tease us). My first thought was, "Of course, they're not going to show her... she's on Modern Family now" (referring to Jack's wife in the original timeline, Sarah). But the fact that they didn't even use her name has me a little suspicious. What if it's not Sarah? Dare I say.... Juliet? Libby, perhaps? Maybe a more obscure character, like Cassidy (Sawyer's old girlfriend)?

Off-Island Samurai

After David's piano performance, Jack was approached by a young boy who turned out to be Dogen's son. So not only are the Losties' paths crossing off-island, but ALL islanders lives are intertwining. I look forward to seeing Richard and Mr. Friendly off-island now.

Coming Soon

Warning! Someone is coming to the island! Maybe! I'm split 50/50 on this... Jacob told Hurley that he needed to take Jack to the lighthouse to help someone find the island. While the first assumption is that someone is trying to get to the island, I don't know that that's entirely true. Could he have been referring to Jack needing to find out the truth about the island? Needing to realize his destiny?

What about Gromit?

At the lighthouse, Hurley was told to turn the dial to 108. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to do that before Jack destroyed the mirror. Fortunately, though, we all got to see the name next to "108"-- Wallace. So who is Wallace? We haven't yet met a character with that last name. Wait... I take that back. We haven't yet been told that a character's last name is Wallace. So it could be ANYONE whose last name we have yet to learn. That crosses out all the Losties.... could it be (not)Locke? Or what about Jacob himself? I mean, it's not unreasonable to think that Jacob was a candidate at one point for the "boss" before he took over.

Grandfather Paradox

I was reading the WikiPedia page for the Grandfather Paradox, which basically says that if I were to travel back in time and kill my grandfather, then I would never be born... but if I were never born, I'd never be able to kill my grandfather, so then I would be born.... and so forth. The part of this that relates to LOST is the theory that goes along with the Grandfather Paradox, which explains that if time travel (into the past) is possible, then alternate universes would also exist.... one in which I did kill my grandfather, and one as if I didn't. It appears that this is what is also going on, though I'm sure we'll be proven wrong in the final 13 hours.

My Crazy Theory

Ok... I wasn't going to post this, because I know it's too crazy to actually happen, but.... Here goes nothing.

Jack's son, David, was referred to as "gifted" in this episode. Several other characters on LOST have been identified as special. What if David (and all of these other "special" characters like Desmond and Walt) can break the rules of time travel. They're the "fixers". When someone tries to change the future, these are the people who can fix it. So, Jack's son, David will go back in time, and marry Libby (note: we do know that Libby's husband was named David), intentionally leaving her with his boat, knowing that she will give it to Desmond, and it will take him to the island, setting in motion all of the events of LOST.

...again, I'm sure this is wrong.... but I had to post it.

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