Tuesday, March 30, 2010

S6E09 - Ab Aeterno

The Balance of Good vs Evil. Which is which? I've always thought that this is one of those bigger questions that will be up for debate long after LOST is over.... but this episode really changed my mind.

Cork Island

Big reveal #2: The purpose of the island is to keep evil at bay. That being said, I don't think they can continue the story without saying definitively that (not)Locke is officially evil. According to the producers, the analogy of the wine bottle has been used in the writers room for a VERY long time to describe the island. And what a great analogy! Well done, writers! Keep up the good work!

Rock the Boat

Confirmation! Richard came to the island as a slave on the Black Rock. And how cool was it to see the Black Rock smash into the statue. But there was one thing worth noting that I'm sure not a lot of people caught onto.... At the season 5 finale, Jacob and (not)Locke(yet) were sitting on the beach, watching the Black Rock in the distance... but the weather was beautiful! So why was it now storming? This goes back to one of the season one mysteries of why the weather changes so drastically on the island. I wouldn't be surprised if after that sunny beach scene, (not)Locke(yet) created some massive storm in an attempt to kill the passengers. For those skeptical, I believe the producers have confirmed that the boat was, in fact, the Black Rock.

Also a fun reminder, the captain of the Black Rock was Magnus Hanso, who was an ancestor of Alvar Hanso, founder of the Hanso Foundation, who funded the Dharma Initiative.

Hell Island

This is the second time a character on LOST has referred to the island as Hell. The first time was back in season 3 when Sawyer killed Locke's dad (also on the Black Rock), and Locke's dad told Sawyer that they were in Hell. I believe his exact phrasing was, "It's a little hot for Heaven, don't ya think?". And remind me... have I ever mentioned the idea of good vs evil on this show? Heaven vs Hell?

Immortal Ricky

Another answer! Why doesn't Richard age? Because Jacob made him that way. Why did Jacob make him that way? Because Richard is afraid that when he dies, he's going to go to Hell. Are we sure this isn't purgatory?

Scanned by a Monster

Chained up against the wall of the Black Rock, Richard appeared to be the only one that Smokey didn't kill. But it did come by and scan him (the same way that we've seen it scan Juliet and Eko in the past). Later, Richard saw an apparition of his dead wife, and I truly believe these were connected. Smokey likely scanned Richard to learn as much about him as possible so that he could use that information to manipulate him. Remember, right before Eko was killed, smokey presented himself as Yemi and some of the other people that Eko killed.

Corruptible or Not?

There is a battle between Jacob and (not)Locke(yet). Jacob is trying to prove that mankind is truly good, while (not)Locke(yet) believes that mankind is always corruptible. You know the drill... vote at the top of the page.


One of Jacob's rules in proving that mankind is good, is that he cannot intervene. Of course, that doesn't mean that Richard can't. So Jacob hired Richard to be the "in-between" man. But maybe Richard is the one being tested. After Jacob dies, the question is whether or not Richard will stay good or cross over to the dark side.

The White Rock

After Jacob convinced Richard to help him, he sent Richard back to (not)Locke(yet) with a white rock. Remember.... it's an inside joke. I think we can assume that the white and black rocks were sitting on that scale in the cave since then. But now that Jacob is dead, the white rock is gone.... or is it?

And by the way, how cool is it that the slave ship is called "The Black Rock" and they're using this black vs white rock analogy.

Elina's Theory

Thanks to Elina, who provided this great theory, definitely worth posting...

Desmond is coming back to the island (maybe on Widmore's sub), and will be the one to take over Jacob's role. Jacob told Ilana that there were 6 candidates left; but wasn't that after Locke died? Maybe the spot that we assumed was reserved for Locke was actually for Desmond. And when Desmond takes over as Jacob, he makes it his first priority to give the losties their lives back (treating it as if Jacob had never lured them to the island). And THAT is what the flash-sideways is.

As for why the island is underwater? With Desmond taking over as the new Jacob, the "cork" was moved to a new location. I couldn't say where, but since so many people already seem to know about the island, the only way to protect the world from the evil getting out is to move to a new place.

Poll Results

I just wanted to say "Thanks" to everyone who voted last week....and congratulate Destiny for winning over Free Will.... and "Free Willy 2", which beat out "Free Willy" by just one vote. Don't forget to vote this week!

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Elina said...

I just wanted to expand on my theory a bit...

I don't have any major details to suppor that it will be Desmond, I just think that he totally makes sense the way that he appeared and quickly disappered on the plane with Jack, kind of the way Jacob does now. But, at this point it could be any of them really!

Either way, I think that whoever takes over for Jacob will restore the lives of the losties which is what we see as the ALT timeline, or sideways timeline, or whatever you want to call it! Since they are no longer candidates, they are given their lives back with some modification and bargains that they will make.

I also think that there might be something going on with whether you're on Jacob's side or the MIB side that will depend on what kind of life you get in this ALT timeline - like Hurley is on Jacob's side and is always lucky now, while Sayid is on the MIB side and has Nadia back, but can't be with her.

Anyway, I hope that makes sense! I'm sure it will be disproven with tonights episode!