Tuesday, April 6, 2010

S6E10 - The Package

Color me surprised... this was probably one of the best Jin/Sun episodes. I'm not usually a huge fan of Jin/Sun episodes, but this one was great! I think my favorites are Locke and Desmond centric stories. And what do you know... tonight is Desmond's episode! But we'll save that conversation for the next post. Let's look at "The Package".

Baby Paik/Kwon

We learned that the difference in the Sun/Jin timeline is that they aren't married. In fact, they're sneaking around behind her father's back... and that $25K that Jin had in his luggage was payment to Keamy for killing him, as he should know better than to date his boss's daughter. This brings up an interesting question, though... if Jin and Sun aren't knowingly together, then why is Jin working for Mr. Paik in the first place? Originally, he worked for Paik in exchange for his daughter's hand in marriage.

The other difference here is that Jin apparently has no fertilization problems, as Sun (who, at the end of the episode, was shot in the gut) is pregnant! They'd better head to the hospital. I'm going to go ahead and put money down that they're headed to Jack's hospital.

Final Destination

I just wanted to point out that the actor playing the hotel worker was in the movie "Final Destination". This movie dealt with the idea that if you were to try to change your destiny, it would only get delayed, but you can't escape it for good. This is an issue that LOST has dealt with heavily in the past, and I'm sure will deal with for the remaining 8 hours. ...just an interesting choice in actors. Coincidence? I think not.

The Seasons

Season one was the season of the Losties. Season two was the season of the Dharma Initiative. Season three was the season of the Others. Season four was the season of the Freighter-folks. Season five was the season of the Oceanic 6, and time travel. Season six is the season of the Candidates.

When it comes to the candidates, it appears that BOTH (team)Jacob and (not)Locke want to protect them. But why? What if the final candidate is not chosen, but instead is the last one standing? If (not)Locke protects them, then he may be able to leave the island before all-but-one dies. If that's the case, though, he should just kill them all at once. Maybe he can blow up the plane.... I think that's the one thing on the island that Locke has yet to blow up. Though if Richard can make it there in time, he's already planning on blowing it up.

No Speak English

Ok... let me get this straight.... Sun is running from (not)Locke and hits her head on the tree.... then God only knows what happened.... but by the time she is found, she can no longer speak English. And I keep thinking that this is somehow tied to her flash-sideways where she also doesn't speak English. Remember how when Jack was on the plane in the premiere and he looked in the mirror and found a scratch on his neck. Could this be a small connection to what he was experiencing on the island? Could these two "paths" already be closing in on one another?

Speaking of Mirrors

It's worth noting that reflections have appeared in EVERY flash-sideways so far. Jack looking into the mirror on the plane, Sawyer looking into the broken mirror in the locker room, etc. Another call-out to these flash-sideways? 8 hours left to explain!


After capturing Jin, Zoe began to question him about some maps that he'd made back in his Dharma days. She's looking for the island's pockets of electromagnetism. And I'm willing to bet that these have something to do with the "package", which (in case I haven't mentioned) was DESMOND! We know that working in the hatch (around all that electromagnetic energy) has had effects on Desmond in previous episodes. And we know that he's also "special". Could they be looking to use Desmond's "special abilities" to somehow harvest that energy? I know we've got 8 hours left.... but I'm expecting some answers tonight!

Limited Days

I hate to say it.... but..... dare I? Of course, I will. Kate's days are limited. Claire made it pretty clear that she still intends on killing her. And if that's not bad enough, (not)Locke made it even more clear that he's going to let her do that as soon as he's got all the candidates. I can see it right now.... Claire and Kate are in a huge fight and both of them are nearing death, when Jack has to make the decision-- Save the woman he loves, or his sister? Vote in the poll.

The Return of Patchy

I was excited to see Mikhail again, and relieved that he had both of his eyes. But rest assured that as soon as Jin picked up the gun, I leaned forward and shouted at the TV, "Shoot him in the eye!" Wish granted!

One more thing to mention when it comes to Mikhail... Keamy referred to him as "Danny's friend". I wonder if this is Danny Pickett (the "other" who tried to kill Sawyer back in season 3). I'm looking forward to his curtain call (assuming he gets one).

What Happens if Smokey Leaves

The big mystery in this episode is something that Widmore mentions to Jin. On the topic of what happens if (not)Locke leaves the island, "Everything you know and love would simply cease to be." He's not simply saying "Everyone would die". The words "cease to be" are used intentionally. This suggest to me that going "home" also involves going back in time, and severly altering the future. Think to "Back in the Future"... if (not)Locke went back in time and made it so that Lorraine and George never went to the dance together, Marty and his siblings would all disappear from the picture.

My wife's probably laughing while reading this, as I spent an entire season telling her that she can't compare LOST time travel to "Back to the Future"... that they have different rules.

Enjoy tonight's episode, titled "Happily Ever After", which I doubt is how it'll actually end.

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