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S6E11 - Happily Ever After

LOST - Charlie

7 hours of LOST left now. Tonight.... Then next week.... Then a week break (sorry).... Then episodes the first 3 weeks in May.... and then.... gulp.... the Finale. ABC recently announced that LOST's Sunday May 23rd finale will be a 5 hour event! (Yes, you read that right) 2 hours of LOST-recap, 2 hours of LOST finale, and an hour-long LOST tribute with Jimmy Kimmel. And if last week's episode was a sign of what's to come, we are all in for a hell of a ride!

You All Everybody

Charlie's band was known to be a one-hit wonder, with their single, "You All Everybody", but in this episode, we see that Charles Widmore (one of the most powerful people) is trying to get them to play at his charity event. So does this mean that Driveshaft was more that just a one-hit-wonder? Too bad Charlie died in the island timeline, so we probably won't get this full story. I guess this little glimmer of hope is all we really need.

The Coil

According to Widmore, the island is not yet done with Desmond. And because Desmond is the only person that Widmore knows has survived a "catastrophic electromagnetic event", Widmore says he won't be harmed by the giant electromagnetic coil, despite the fact that he just watched as another man was killed (fried, in fact) during a test run.

Desmond Episodes

In the episode "Flashes Before Your Eyes", after the implosion of the hatch (the aforementioned "catastrophic electromagnetic event"), Desmond was blasted back in time to his life with Penny. During this time, he had recollection of his island days, and when he tried to change his path, Eloise guided him, telling him that it was his destiny to go to the island.

In the episode "The Constant", because of his overexposure to electromagnetism, while trying to leave the island, flying through a storm, Desmond's consciousness was split in two... one on the helicopter/freighter, and the other in the past. In order to survive, he had to find his constant-- the one person that he cares about, and that exists in both time lines.

So now in this episode, another electromagnetic event has occurred, and again, Desmond is thrown into another time, and he again has recollection of the other world. It isn't until Charlie "shows him" that he sees it too. He sees the name "Penny" on Charlie's hand. He sees them kissing. He sees the birth of their son. Note: He does NOT see the island.

All he sees is love.

And he's not the only one. Charlie realized it when he was dying on the plane (after choking on his stash), and he had a vision of Claire. Faraday realized it when he saw Charlotte working at the museum. Is it possible that in order to exist, they need to find their constants? We know that Desmond (off-island) is now on a mission to find all of the passengers of Flight 815 so that he can show them too. But what I hadn't thought about until my wife pointed it out during our weekend re-watch, is that ON-island Desmond ALSO remembers the off-island world. So could this be what Juliet saw too? After detonating the nuclear bomb, and while nearing death, she started talking to Sawyer about going out to get coffee. And just before she died, her last thought to Sawyer was "it worked" (referring to the bomb).

Daniel Widmore

The return of Faraday revealed a little more on the subject of the bomb. He approached Desmond in the limo and told him that, although he is a musician, after "seeing" Charlotte, he wrote some equations in his notebook that could've only been written by someone who'd been studying physics their entire life. The equations (as explained to Faraday by his "math whiz" friend) document the idea that with the detonation of a nuclear bomb, he could prevent something catastrophic from happening. And he theorizes that he may have already set off a nuclear bomb and is currently living a life that he should not be living.

The Violation

Similar to her role in "Flashes Before Your Eyes", Eloise appears to know what is going on, and is guiding Desmond into the "right" direction. When she realizes that he is trying to find Penny, that he may have recollection of this other life, she refuses to help him, telling him that he's "not ready yet". She goes on to say, "Someone has changed the way you see things. This is a problem. It is, in fact, a violation." A violation of what, though? I'm definitely intrigued by this, as it appears that she is trying to stop him from finding Penny, but why? It's not like they're going to find the island again (remember, it's underwater). I get the feeling that she is afraid that they're going to reverse things and try to get back to the other life. If this is the case, then that would mean that it's actually possible to go back to the island-life. Woah.

Super Desmond

After waking up in the electromagnetic coil box, Desmond is more than willing to go with Widmore. I can't explain why, but it certainly appears that he has recollection of this off-island life. So why he wouldn't want to go back to Penny is a big mystery. But now, he's headed back to (not)Locke's camp with the neck-snapping Sayid. Is this all part of the plan, though? Since Desmond has survived something like this, does Widmore need him to defeat smokey? Will he act as some sort of human-version of the sonic fence? And was this the whole point of the Dharma Initiative? To create this super-human to "save the world" from the evilness that is (not)Locke?

The Poll

Congratulations to Kate for winning this week's "Who would Jack save?" poll. My sympathies to Claire, who received only half as many votes as her skull baby. This week's poll is a more serious question proposed by Faraday... Do you believe in love at first sight?

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Anonymous said...

Just a quick note....a lot of people have been asking about this episode, "where have we seen that limo driver from." Well, he was in the medical room, strapped to a bed, when Desmond arrived on the freighter (and started jumping through time). The guy was also jumping through time and eventually died because he, apparently, couldn't find a constant.

Phil TIttola