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S6E13 - The Last Recruit

Another One Bites the Sand

The biggest question coming out of this episode: Is Jack dead? There was a pretty big explosion on the beach (courtesy of Charles Widmore) that sent Dr. Jack flying in the air, landing face-first on the beach. (not)Locke picked him up and carried him to safety, comforting him with, "it's gonna be ok... you're with me now". If Jack died in the explosion and (not)Locke brought him back, that makes him evil, right? It's very similar to Claire's situation. Back in season 4, Claire's house was blown up by the mercenaries and her body was pulled out of the rubble. It has been long-theorized that she died in the explosion. And I guess the same thing could probably be said for Sayid too.

The Remember-ers

While being wheeled into the hospital on the stretcher, Sun looked over and saw Locke next to her. She began to cry, "No! No! It's him!" It appears that she has joined Desmond's team of "rememberers". So far, that brings the total to 6: Desmond, Charlie, Hurley, Libby, Sun, and Faraday. And coming soon, Locke. Here's my prediction: Jack will fix Locke. Completely, 100% fix him. And Locke will be in the hospital bed, look down, and see his foot wiggle. It'll be shot-for-shot the same as when he first woke up on the island to find that he was healed. In that instant, he will flash and remember EVERYTHING.

The Reunion

Finally Jin and Sun are reunited! Relationship crap.... let's get back to the island stuff. (Oh yeah, she can speak English again now)

Tipping the Scale Back

Since the beginning of this season, there has been no balance of good and evil... only evil (yes, I'm saying it.... (not)Locke is officially evil). But now that Desmond is back, I'm seeing changes. Sayid claimed to have killed Desmond just as (not)Locke had instructed him to do. But we all know that's not true. So was Desmond able to bring Sayid back from the dark side? The thing that confuses me about Desmond is that he is NOT a candidate, so he can't take over for Jacob... yet he has a purpose. So what is that? Is he the "loop-hole" that can kill (not)Locke?

Permission Granted

Before following (not)Locke off into the jungle, Jack asked Hurley if it was ok. And I get that Jack feels like every time he leads, someone ends up getting hurt (or killed). But why is he asking for Hurley's permission. Rather than stepping out of his leadership role, it seems like he's pushing Hurley to become the leader. Could Hurley be the new Jacob?

The White Rabbit

No, this isn't about the Dharma rabbit with the number painted on the side. It's about Jack's vision of his father (from the season one episode, "White Rabbit"), in which Jack follows his (dead) father into the jungle. We got confirmation this week that the man Jack was following was Smokey. It's interesting because when (not)Locke admits to it, he says to Jack, "All I've ever been interested in, is helping you." Is (not)Locke just pulling his leg here? Or could he actually be good? No! Wait! I already decided that he's evil! ...or is he? (probably, yes)

(how's that for indecisive?)


It seems like Desmond isn't the only thing trying to get the Losties all together. The universe seems to be pulling them all together even more. When Desmond brings Clarie up to meet Ilana (a lawyer in the sideways world), it seems that Destiny was already working at getting them together. Their father's will mentioned Claire, and Ilana's firm was looking for her.

We also saw this with Sawyer and Kate, who were (on multiple occasions) brought together by the forces of the universe. First on the plane. Then in the elevator. And then in the streets. And pretty soon, in the bedroom. Guaranteed!


The boat that Sawyer & Co. were on was, in fact, the Elizabeth. For those that don't remember, (here we go...) this is the boat that Desmond arrived to the island on. Kelvin (from the hatch) spent years secretly fixing it, all a part of his plot to leave Desmond back on the island pushing the button... then Desmond killed Kelvin. Then about a month-and-a-half later, when the Losties took over the hatch, Desmond tried to leave on the boat. About 3 weeks after that, his boat ended up back on shore. Then Sayid took the boat (with Jin and Sun) to the Others' camp (which was just a decoy camp), at which point the Others ambushed the boat, Sun shot Colleen. That's when Mr. Friendly (you remember... Tom) and the rest of the Others took the boat back to Hydra island to try and save Colleen. And now, three years later, they suddenly know where the boat is? They've been in the 1970's for the past three years. How could they know where the boat is? Not to mention the boat was in great condition for having been sitting steady in the water for 3 years.

ok.... my rant is over. I guess the whole point of that is.... it was great to see the boat one last time.

Leap of Faith

In the beginning of season 2 (the episode, "Man of Science. Man of Faith"), Jack was asked by Locke to take a leap of faith (referring to the pushing of the button). And that was the beginning of this real battle within Jack to essentially pick a side. He was at times BOTH a man of science, AND a man of faith). It's a real struggle. And in this episode, Jack takes it upon himself to take his leap of faith, right into the water, where he began his return to the island. He even remarks that leaving the island "doesn't feel right". He explains that if (not)Locke wants them to leave with him, maybe he's afraid of what will happen if they all stay. Woah. Step aside man of science. The man of faith has arrived. And could it be any more obvious that Jack will take over as the new Jacob? ...and yes, I know what you're thinking.... "too obvious" on LOST often means that we're wrong. In that case, maybe Sayid is the candidate.

The Poll

According to the poll last week, the soon-to-die people are Miles, Claire, and Frank (with Miles slightly ahead of everyone). And now (because this is what I do), I'm going to argue against each one of those:

Miles: He talks to the dead. Having him around will come in very handy in the future. I still feel like he's going to be the one to discover the identities of the real Adam & Eve (from the caves). And since he's been on the island for several years, who's to say that he doesn't already know? I think that he'll be around for at least a couple more episodes. After all, they kept him on the show for a reason, right?

Claire: Back in season 3 when Desmond kept flashing images of Charlie's demise, he finally convinced him that he'd have to die because he saw a flash of Claire and Aaron getting in a helicopter. And while I'm a huge Desmond fan, I think my perception of him would change if I found out that Charlie died for nothing. He would go from A-list to A-hole. And they just can't do that to Desmond.

Frank: He's the pilot. He needs to stay alive right until the end because (not)Locke needs to believe that he has a way off the island. If Frank dies, then (not)Locke would have to find someone else to fly the Ajira plane of the island. And apparently, Smokey doesn't really plan well for the future, since he's actually the one that killed the pilot of Flight 815. Jerk.

This Week's Poll

It's simple.... who is the candidate? Remember, LOST isn't on this week, but next week's episode is titled "The Candidate". So something tells me we're gonna find out very soon! (Only 4 episodes left!)

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Renee said...

OK, Smokey/(Not) Locke finally admitted that was parading around the island as Christian Shephard when Jack mentioned he saw his father on the 3rd day on the island. That made me think back to when Christian appeared in the lobby of Jack's LA office...if Smokey has been unable to leave the island, how did he pull that off?! If memory serves correctly the smoke detector sounded in the office right before Jack saw his father. Makes me think Smokey may not be telling the truth.