Tuesday, April 20, 2010

S6E12 - Everyone Loves Hugo

Blast from the Past

I knew going into season 6 that our favorite characters (Boone, Faraday, etc.) would all get a curtain call. I was surprised to find that they were curtain calling all of the locations (the caves, the statue, etc.). What I didn't expect was a curtain call for specific causes of death. But as soon as Ilana started shoving her water bottles on top of the dynamite, we all knew she was going to be Arzt'ed. Note to self: When handling dynamite, be sure to.... um.... you know what..... actually, just don't handle dynamite.

More Explosions Please!

Ok... it was cool to see Ilana blow up, but it was way cooler when the Black Rock exploded, specifically with Hurley running away, yelling "RUN!" It was very reminiscent of when the Hatch exploded. Explosion curtain call #2.

Libby! Libby! Libby!

I don't know why, but Libby's curtain call was one of the ones I was looking forward to most. And what a cool twist that she ended up in the mental hospital because she "remembered" the other timeline and admitted herself, in fear that she was crazy. It's worth noting too, that Hurley was never in the mental hospital. And there was also ZERO mention of a lottery... so how did he get all that money to buy Mr Cluck's Chicken Shack? Was he born into the money?

Three For The Road

I'm going to make a prediction.... Some of our favorite characters are about to meet their demise. Sun asked Frank if they made the wrong decision, but I think they actually made the right decision. The ones who made the wrong decision-- Ben, Richard, and Miles. Separating themselves from the candidates was not a smart move. The island is officially done with them. (we'll see)

Jungle Boy

This is the second time this season that we've seen this little boy staring at (not)Locke from the within the jungle. It was the same boy, but he did appear older. So, who is this boy? Why does he look older? I heard a cool theory that this was Jacob as a child, and he is progressively "recharging" (getting older and older), and (not)Locke has until Jacob reaches "full-power" to get off the island. If he doesn't get off the island in time, he'll be stuck there again.

The Whispers

Yes, we all want answers. But wasn't this kinda out-of-the-blue? Let's set up the scene:

Hurley & co. are walking through the jungle. They hear whispers.

Hurley: "Don't worry, everyone.... I know what these are."

Michael shows up.

Michael: "Hey, Hurley."
Hurley: "Hey, Dude. Are these whispers just the voices of dead people?"
Michael: "Yep, we can't leave the island."
Hurley: "ok."

Hurley & Co. continue their mission

I had an 11th grade Creative Writing class, and the teacher would always write "SDT!" on our papers; it stands for "show. don't tell." And I never really got WHY until now. I wanted them to SHOW me what the whispers were, rather than just say it. I get it though... they don't really have a lot of time left.... And it's possible for them to redeem themselves by having this pay-off. Is this end-game stuff? If (not)Locke leaves the island, will the other souls be freed as well? How does this play into the big picture? And most importantly, why do they whisper?

Well, Well, Well

Here's a free piece of advice. When an enemy is standing behind you, don't lean over the edge of a well. He will likely push you in! I'm confused, though, at why (not)Locke didn't just turn into the smoke monster and crush Desmond to death. Can he not kill Desmond?


The episode ended on a GREAT note, with Desmond (in the sideways world) slamming into Mr. Locke (the substitute teacher) with his car. This, of course, will lead to Locke being taken to the hospital with everyone else...

Claire: Aaron's birth
Sun: Shot in stomach
Jin: With Sun
Ethan: Doctor
Jack: Doctor
Kate: Maybe visiting Claire?
Locke: Hit by Desmond
Sawyer: Maybe assigned to Locke's case?
Ben: Maybe visiting Locke?
Sayid: Last seen w/ Jin & Sun???

The Poll
Congratulations to Love at First Sight, which most of the voters believe in. This week's poll is all about prediction. Who's next to die? Vote at the top.

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