Tuesday, March 23, 2010

S6E08 - Recon

"Recon" - verb - to con again.

Detective Ford

Wow... right out of the gate, we found out that Sawyer-- I mean Jim, is a detective. He talked about why he decided to become a detective, and his response was, "I was at a point in life where I was either going to become a criminal or a cop... so I chose cop". They're really driving this idea of the balance of good and evil within each one of us, and are introducing the theory that we can all choose which path we take. Destiny or free-will? Vote in the poll.

So if James is a cop, why didn't he stop Kate at the airport when he saw that she was on the run? In fact, he helped her escape! Sometimes, I wish I looked good enough to get away with crimes! ...not that I would... but you get the point.

Anyway, I guess we'll see what happens to Kate now that he's arrested her. I mean, he can't exactly let her go now that Miles is there too.... unless Miles has a thing for pretty ladies too.

Don't Touch Smokey!

After being nearly killed by Claire while Sayid just sat back and watched, Kate was rescued by (not)Locke. But after (not)Locke sat with Kate and explained the state of mind that Claire is in, we started to get some insight into who (not)Locke really is.... and he doesn't seem totally bad. Though, Kate didn't fall for his sob-story because when he reached out to help her up, she stood up on her own. And the fact that she didn't touch him (or rather, that he didn't touch her), I think, is significant. It goes back to when Jacob touches people, they are given a gift. Perhaps when (not)Locke touches people, something else happens. Then again, if this were the case, you think he'd just run around tagging everyone in sight.

The Search for Anthony Cooper

Even in this sideways-world, James/Sawyer is looking for the man who is responsible for the death of his parents. Reminder: The man he is looking for is Locke's dad! I completely forgot about this connection until this episode, and that's when I realized that this is how they were going to cross paths. Maybe he'll learn that Anthony Cooper has a son, and James will try to connect with Locke to learn more about his dad.

The Dharma Initiative

We got confirmation last week from Ben's dad that the island and the Dharma Initiative both co-existed; however, in the sideways world, they both left the island before it was sunk. And now in "Recon", we got a very quick mention of Pierre Chang (aka the guy from the "Orientation" videos, aka Miles' dad). When Miles was setting James up with Charlotte, he mentioned that Charlotte works with his dad at the museum. So this is yet another confirmation that the island did not sink as a result of the H-Bomb, as Pierre was also on the island at that time. The 2 big questions I have are (1) what happened to the island, and (2) why did they all leave?

Sonic the FenceHog

After Sawyer's recon mission went sour and Zoe took him back to Widmore's sub, we get a quick glimpse of Widmore's crew setting up a sonic fence... you know, the one used to keep smokey out. I was always under the assumption that smokey couldn't travel to the Hydra island, but it looks like Widmore is preparing for such an occurrence. I guess that's what I get for assuming ANYTHING on this show.

The Hatch (part 2)

We spent half of season one, and the summer before season 2 wondering what was in the hatch. And now, we're given a second "what's in it?" scenario. Widmore is keeping something locked up in his submarine and I heard a really good theory about what is in there. What if Desmond was killed off-island, and Widmore is bringing his body back so that Jacob's soul can take it over? Then, it'd be Desmond vs Locke? I'd be cool with that.

Mommy Issues

Ok, so the characters on LOST are basically known for having "daddy issues", but now (not)Locke tells Kate about his "crazy" mom, and tells Kate about how Claire is crazy now. I've received several e-mails and instant messages asking me if I think that (not)Locke is actually Aaron. And while I'm hesitant to jump to that conclusion for a number of reasons, I'm still sticking to my guns that there is a definite reason that they have not yet said his name. I mean, at this point, they can't just call him "Fred".... he's GOT to be someone! And right now, Aaron is starting to make sense. Though, I'm not fully committing.

This Blog is Dying

I realized today, on the 23rd of March, that the season finale of LOST airs exactly 2 months from today. It hurts to write that. And while part of me is ready for the end, there is another part of me that will never be ready. I guess we have no choice but to sit back and enjoy it while it lasts.... unless, of course, they have a Sawyer and Miles "cop-show" spin-off.

Until next time!

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Anonymous said...

Remember that they evacuated the island when they were going to blow it up. I believe that is why Ben and his dad (and the rest of Dharma) had to leave and return home.

Phil Tittola