Monday, March 8, 2010

S6E06 - Sundown

I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that this episode wasn't a Sun & Jin episode, but rather a Sayid episode. And the minute Sayid and Dogen started fighting, I had a flashback to my "Alias" days, where every episode was action-packed and the fights were so intense! I really miss hand-to-hand combat on TV. Though I wouldn't expect any less from "season 6" Sayid.

Keamy's Bling

In the sideways world of this episode, we have another character-crossover. Sayid's brother is in a little bit of trouble, and we find out that the man behind it is none other than Martin Keamy (leader of the freighter mercenaries). The other catch here is that after shooting Keamy, Sayid finds Jin being held captive. So does this mean that Keamy is the man whom Jin was delivering the watch to? Back in season one, Jin and Sun were travelling to the US to deliver a watch for Sun's father. Or perhaps was this who all that money was intended for (from Jin's luggage at LAX)? Maybe the folks over at LAX confiscated the cash, and that's why Jin is being held prisoner (because he couldn't deliver the goods).

Welcome to the Dark Side

I think it's safe to say that Sayid is officially evil. And on this whole "is (not)Locke good or bad" issue, I'm still going to have to vote for "bad". By popular demand (one friend of mine), I'm reinstating the poll. Do you think (not)Locke is good or bad? Respond in the sidebar.

Dogen's Ninth Inning

Poor Dogen, spilling his heart out to Sayid, and then he's killed. The good news here is that we finally understand the significance behind his baseball. His son was killed in a drunk-driving accident, and Jacob promised to bring him back to life under the agreement that Dogen would move to the island, never to see his son again. Ouch.... catch 22. This has me thinking, though...

What if that's what is happening with the Losties? And I'm not talking about this "LA" alternate timeline. I'm talking about Flight 815 crashing on the island. Think about Locke. He was thrown out of a building by his father, and crashed on the ground 8 stories below. He appeared to be dead until Jacob touched him. So, he was given back his life, but everything guided him straight to the island. Could this be the case with everyone on Jacob's lighthouse compass?

Smoke Doesn't Bleed

When Sayid stabbed (not)Locke and saw that there was no blood, nor did (not)Locke seem to be phased by what had just happened, I was sure he was going to turn that dagger around and lunge it right into Sayid's chest. But he didn't. Why? Surely, (not)Locke has no problem killing people. Could it be that he can't kill certain people (candidates, perhaps)? This could explain why Eko was not killed during their initial confrontation. Maybe Eko was still considered a candidate; however, by the time they "met" again, Eko was already proven as a non-candidate, so smokey was free to kill him. If that's the case, then we've got to ask ourselves, "What did Eko do to un-candidate himself?" Dammit.... Does this mean I'll have to re-watch season 2 again? I think I'll just wait until the end of this season to re-watch the entire series, as I'm sure most of us will.

Ben's Sixth Sense

Ben knew. I don't know how he knew, but he knew that Sayid had been taken over. Perhaps this is just the con-man in him. Sawyer knew that (not)Locke wasn't really Locke within seconds of seeing him. Maybe Ben's con man instinct kicked in and he realized that (not)Sayid wasn't really Sayid?

Note: I'm just going to call him "Sayid" unless we see his body laying somewhere on the beach while another version of him still appears to be walking around. That's when he earns the "(not)" prefix. Same thing goes for Claire.


One the subject of (not)Sayid (sorry, I had to do it just one more time), what was it that brought him back to life? Miles told him that it wasn't the water... that he was dead for 2 hours before he "woke up". So if it wasn't the water, then what was it? I'm weary to say that Jacob's soul took over, since Jacob has been visiting Hurley, and because I don't think Jacob is that evil. I'm starting to think that there are 3 iterations of Smokey. The blast door map referred to Smokey as Cerberus, the mythological 3-headed creature who guards the gates of hell (to make sure no one escapes). So perhaps smokey is "3-headed".... Locke, Sayid, and Claire? Maybe they are the trio of evil, and the necessity of balance would suggest that we could expect a trio of good-- perhaps Jack, Kate, and Sawyer? Sort of a love triangle vs a hate triangle?

Smokey's Revenge

I could watch this scene over-and-over again. After Dogen's death (and yes, I think he's dead for good), Smokey was free to cross the line of ash. And he did NOT hold back. He plowed through the temple, taking many lives and destroying the temple. Enter: Season Six, Act Two.

Undercover Kate

In the final shot of the episode, we saw the temple survivors all following behind (not)Locke, with Kate trailing in the back. There was a very uneasiness about her though. She did NOT fit in this group. But here's what I think we might expect: Kate will go "undercover" with Locke, but will be convinced by Sawyer that she needs to stay with him. This will create a big divide between Jack and Kate, leaving Jack (and Hurley) as the odd-balls. And Jack will officially become "season one" Locke. What a nice turn of events that'd be.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, random thought here. I wonder if "smokey" can only possess dead people that are not "good people"...i.e. Jacks Dad, Sayid. He didn't bother (or couldn't) possess any of the people of the temple. How bad-ass would an evil Dogen be?!?!?! He'd be opening up cans of whoop-ass everywhere. But he was a good person, at heart, so his dead-body couldn't be possessed. Just a theory.

Phil Tittola

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