Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's not the picture!

Ok, so, since last week's episode, I've been racking my brain to try and figure out the significance of the child whose house Miles was at. He was supposedly murdered, and they made it a point to focus on the picture of him on the wall for a few seconds. So, while others were convinced that the boy in the photos was Eko as a child, I didn't believe it, but thought there had to be SOMETHING.

This morning, while browsing one of my favorite forums (4815162342), I saw a post that's really got me scratching my head. Here is the shot of the picture when Miles first got to the house:

Picture 1

Now, take a look at the same photo shown on the wall upon Miles's exit:

Picture 1

So, the picture itself isn't necessarily what is important.... it's the frame! While the photo started out in a beautiful wood frame, it is not hanging in a shiny metal frame?! This can't be a production error! There's no way. And also notice the picture above it was in a black frame, and is now in a while frame. Again, we see the black vs. white theme!

Don't forget to re-watch this episode tonight at 8:00, just before the next episode (titled "The Economist"). ABC keeps saying calling the 8:00 episode an "enhanced" version. I hope this means that we'll get those pop-up things again!

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Jim said...

isn't it weird that when he went upstairs the frames were nice and expensive - then took the money and came back down - and the frames are cheap now? maybe he was talking to someone in the past - not a ghost - and they took her money and hid it in the vent? just a thought...