Monday, February 11, 2008

S4E02 - Confirmed Dead

Hi, everyone! Sorry for the long delay here.... I've been very under-the-weather over the past few days. I hope you all liked the recent episode "Confirmed Dead". It was definitely one of my favorites! And while it wasn't full of easter eggs, there are still a couple things worth addressing.

Oceanic Flight 815: The episode opened with a cross-over between the most recent LOST online experience, where we follow a character named Sam Thomas, who is aboard the Christiane I (the boat that finds the fake Oceanic Flight 815). If you haven't already checked it out, I would definitely recommend looking at Find 815. It appears obvious that the plane found was all staged... but by whom? and why? and how?

Why These 4? Matthew Abaddon (the fake Oceanic attorney) told Naomi that the 4 people chosen to go with her have been chosen for a reason. So let's take a look at each of them and their connections to the island / flight 815.

Charlotte: We first see her on an archeological dig in Tunisia, where she found the skeleton of a polar bear, complete with DHARMA collar. But how? Tuisia is on the opposite side of the world from where we think the island is located. She also seems to be interested in Flight 815, as her friend commented on how many newspaper articles she reads on the flight being found.

Frank: Speaking of flight 815.... let me introduce Frank. He was supposed to be the pilot on that day. But what caused Seth Norris (the actual pilot) to take over that day? When asked about the helicopter crashing on the island, Frank made a remark about how he landed it safely becuase he's that good of a pilot. This makes me think that he was taken off of that flight, as if the entire LOST crash was planned. Then again, I don't care how good of a pilot you are-- if a giant magnet rips off the tail section of your plane, I don't think you'd be able to land safely.

Miles: "Who you gonna call?" Sorry... I had to. Apparently, he has a way of communicating with the deceased. Has he been sent to the island to speak with Jacob? Or to examine the island's mystical powers? We've seen several dead people that appear in life on the island (Yemi, Christian, Ben's mom, etc.).

Dan: I'm most intrigued by his character. While watching a news report on Oceanic Flight 815, he is brought to tears. And when his wife (?) asks him why he's crying, he says that he doesn't know. I think there's definitely a great backstory here that we've just barely cracked. I can't wait to get more history on this guy. And maybe then we'll see the face of the woman that he was with.

As a whole... There is a lot to think about with this crew. The box that fell from their chopper contained some biohazard stuff, including gas masks. A popular theory is that these people are the return of the Dharma Initiative, and since Ben & Co. killed all of the original Dharma folks with Dharma-brand killing gas, they made sure to come prepared.

Their Purpose: They are on the island in search of one thing-- Ben. But what they don't realize (or do they?), is that Ben has an insider on their boat. The first thing that crossed my mind when Ben made the big reveal is that Michael is the one on the boat. But in traditional CIA/SD6 style (see: 'Alias'), I think that if it is Michael, then he would be a double-agent, pretending to work for Ben, but also trying to help get his friends rescued. Then again, who's to say that Ben's "man" isn't one of the other 3 people from the chopper? Or Minkowski, or maybe even Regina (both of whom we have yet to meet).

Sayid's Tinkering: While playing around with their satellite phone, Miles warned Sayid about being careful, to which Sayid replied "It can't hurt to try and call someone else." But then Miles said that it can hurt. What the F does that mean? Is he serious, or is he just trying to scare Sayid? ....just something to think about.

Take My Kidney: As predicted last season, when Locke got shot by Ben, it was the fact that his kidney was removed that saved his life. This couldn't tie in more perfectly with the overall theme of fate.

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BONUS - The Writers Strike: While the strike isn't officially over, it is scheduled to end tomorrow. So what does this mean for LOST? The producers have yet to comment, but a recent interview with Matthew Fox, he stated that we should expect an additional 4-6 new episodes, beyond the 8 that are already filmed. I'm anxious to see if the producers confirm this. I'd really like to get the entire 16-episode season, but I guess anything more than 8 is good.

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