Friday, February 22, 2008

S4E04 - Eggtown

Wow….. what an episode! I, for one, did NOT see that ending coming at all! And after the episode was over, I was left with an icky feeling in my stomach. The writing this season is top notch! I’m so glad the strike is over and these guys (and girls) are getting back to work! Here are some things to think about from the episode:

The Oceanic + The Oceanic 2 = The Oceanic 8?
Throughout the first 3 episodes, everyone has been asking about who the Oceanic 6 are. And now that we know 4 (or 5?) of them, the writers threw a wrench in the mix and we learned that part of their “story” about the crash is that only 8 people survived the initial crash, 6 of which made it back to the mainland. So who are the Oceanic 8? As of right now, we know that Hurley, Jack, Kate, and Sayid take up 4 spots. It is possible that the 5th spot was revealed last night, but we don’t know if he counts. As for the remaining 3 or 4 spots on the list, I’m going to pick (for now) Sun and Sawyer getting off the island. I think the remaining 2 of the 8 are going to be Jin and Claire….who I think will, unfortunately, be killed on the freighter.

Edit: My wife called me a few minutes ago that she knew how Claire was going to die. We learned last season that the other put an implant in her. Is it possible that the implant would make her incredibly ill if she ever tried leaving the boundaries of the island? The others could use that as a method of keeping her there, considering that she is the only woman to have successfully delivered a baby on the island?

I Can’t Wait
Okay, so my original plan was to wait until the end of this post to talk about the end of the episode, but let’s face it—I can’t wait. From the beginning of the episode, we know that Kate has a son. And while everyone watching with me was trying to figure out when she had the baby (pre-island or post-island), and what that means for how long she’s been off the island, we were completely blindsided to find out that Kate’s son is…..well….. Claire’s son Aaron! WHAT?! I couldn’t believe it when it happened. And while questions were racing through my head about what this means, and what happened to Claire, the real question didn’t hit me until this morning—In season 1, when Claire was pregnant, she went to a psychic (Richard Malkin), who told her that the baby MUST be raised by her; that danger surrounds him. For those that don’t remember the scene as vividly as I, here is an excerpt from the transcript (courtesy of ):

MALKIN: It is crucial that you, yourself, raise this child.
CLAIRE: You mean with Thomas? Is he..
MALKIN: The father of this child will play no part in it's life, nor yours.
CLAIRE: So what exactly are you saying?
MALKIN: This child parented by anyone else, anyone other than you -- danger surrounds this baby. . .
CLAIRE: Danger?
MALKIN: Your nature, your spirit, your goodness, must be an influence in the development of this child.
CLAIRE: If Thomas and I don't get back together I'm putting this baby up for adoption. I just wanted to find out what would give the baby the happiest life.
MALKIN: There is no happy life -- not for this child, not without you.
CLAIRE: I don't. . .
MALKIN: It can't be another. You mustn't allow another to raise your baby.
CLAIRE: Okay, great. Thanks for taking my 200.
MALKIN: Oh, no look, take it. Ms. Littleton; I am begging you just to consider...
CLAIRE: I can't raise this child by myself.
MALKIN: You have to listen to me.
CLAIRE: Thanks for your time, and my money back.
MALKIN: Ms. Littleton, please. The baby needs your protection. Ms. Littleton, please.

So what does this mean for the overall story? Does danger still surround baby Aaron? And does it now surround Kate?

Lost with Drew’s Wife
My wife has always been smarter than me when it comes to figuring things out in movies and TV shows, so I don’t know why she won’t start her own blog on LOST, but I guarantee that if she did, you would all stop reading my posts. She brought up yet another interesting point about last night’s show that I just couldn’t figure out…. Daniel and Charlotte were playing with a deck of Dharma cards and were seeing if Daniel could call up the 3 cards that laid face-down in front of him. And while I wasn’t quite sure what was happening, she pointed out that he must have short-term memory loss. Charlotte must’ve showed him the cards, then placed them face-down to see if he could remember what cards they were. This is also explained back in “Confirmed Dead” when he’s watching the broadcast on the TV regarding Flight 815, and he begins to cry… then his caretaker comes over and asks “What are you crying about?”, to which he replies, “I don’t know.” Could it be that he just doesn’t remember what he’s crying for? Let’s all just keep a close eye on this guy and see if there are any more signs of this in future episodes.

The Return of Henry Gale
With Locke keeping Ben in confinement (in the same place where Ben kept Locke’s dad), the situation identically mirrored season 2, when “Henry” was in the armory playing constant mind games with Locke. And while Locke puts on a better front now than he did back then, Ben is still fully capable of getting under his skin.

“One Hundred....point two…..Billion Dollars”
While trying to find out how famous her crimes have become so that she can determine whether or not to leave the island, Kate runs into a little roadblock with Miles. He won’t comment on it until he gets to spend some time with Ben. Well, after a little flirting and Dharma-whine drinking, she is able to get Sawyer to give her a hand and succeeds at getting Ben and Miles some face-time. Miles basically said to him, "You know who I am. You know who I work for. I can turn you in to him... or if you give me 3.2 Million dollars, I'll tell him that you were dead when I got here." Ben responded with the same thing on everyone's mind-- "Why 3.2? Why not 3.3, or 3.4?" I mean, seriously... If you're already asking for 3.2 Million dollars, you might as well ask for an even 5. Just think about how many LOST Action Figures you could buy with that kind of money (I've done the math for you.... at $20 each, $3.2M would get you 160,000).

The Chopper is.....LOST
While trying to make a connection with the freighter to make sure that Sayid and Desmond made it there alright, we find out that the chopper still hasn't made it back to the freighter, even though it's been a day-and-a-half. My personal opinion is that this ties in with the whole time-travel/portal/delay that we were shown when Regina sent Miles the payload last week. And when my wife put me on the spot last night to come up with a theory (since she had already come up with several), that is basically what I presented, suggesting how cool it would be if next week, while seeing the helicopter flying by, we see the payload fly past it. And sure enough, if you watch the preview in slow motion (as we did repeatedly last night), you see something zoom right past the helicopter as Desmond is looking to Sayid.

Speaking of Next Week....
As always, I try to avoid all spoilers, and only have limited information pertaining to next week's episode, titled "The Constant". If my theory above is right, I would expect Desmond (who has already travelled through time) to begin seeing more flashes. Will he predict another death? Will he realize the real purpose of the freighties? And how cool would it be if he got to the freighter, only to find that Penny's father (Charles Widmore) is on the boat. I'm a firm believer that Charles is the man behind the freighties, as his corporation works with the Hanso Foundation, who was behind the Dharma Initiative. It would thus make sense that they'd be after Ben, since he practically orchestrated a mass-execution of all Dharma employees..... except, of course, for Kelvin. Hmmmm.

As for the blog, I do plan to update it more often than just once a week.... it's just that last week was a rough one for me. Don't forget to tell your friends about the site! Thanks for reading!



Lt. Dan BeauPeep said...

I love your theories (and your wife's)and how you present them. Usually I'm in such a state of awe after reading your posts that I can't formulate any theories of my own! I had a few simultaneous thoughts..the first was in no f**king way and 2nd was Claire cannot possible be dead. She has to be alive and still on the island but if so, how is it that Kate has Aaron?? So, in natural progression, I thought Claire is dead. Then, no - maybe only so many could make it back and Claire sacrificed herself to allow Aaron a chance to live naturally in the real world but then you reminded us of what the psychic told Claire. I think my head is going to explode!! This is why I'd rather adopt your theories as my own.

Jennifer said...

I have a question. Have they ever said how far into the future the flash forwards are?