Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Re-watching "Eggtown"

As Locke had suggested it the episode, I watched "Eggtown" again in hopes that I might catch something new. And while I didn't notice any new hidden clues, I did see something that's worth mentioning. In the scene where Miles and Ben have their extortion chat, Miles asks Ben a series of questions-- "You know who I am?" Ben nods. "You know who I work for?" Again, he nods. "Then you know he's spent a lot of time and energy into finding you." And the genius-actor that Michael Emerson is, without responding, he gets the worlds smallest smile, as if he's proud of how long its taken Miles' boss to find him. Another way of looking at this is that Ben doesn't believe that he's officially been "found".

What's really interesting here is that we are told that Miles & Co. (officially penned "the Freighter Folk" by the producers of the show) are after Ben. But we know that Ben makes it off the island and has Sayid working for him. So does this mean that Ben wasn't truly "found"? Any connection to the time delay? Dare I say.... are there more than one Ben?

On a separate note... While Jack was on the stand, he mentions that he was on Flight 815, which crash-landed on a deserted island in the South Pacific. So.... if the world knows that there is a deserted island, has the island been officially found? Does the world know about it? Has the government taken it over? Or, again, dare I say.... is LOST island not really in the South Pacific? That way, when the Oceanic 6 returns, "the man" made sure that their story gave incorrect whereabouts to the location of the island so that "the other man" can't find it? (I feel like I'm typing in circles here)

In other LOST news...Are you one of those people who constantly complains about not getting answers on the show? Do you find yourself laying awake at night asking "Who are the rest of the Oceanic 6? And more importantly, who the hell was in that coffin? Worry no more! The LOST producers have confirmed that we will have answers this season! By the end of the first 8 episodes, we'll definitely know who the Oceanic 6 are. And even better-- They're going to tell us who was in the coffin by the end of this season (which probably means that it'll be in the season finale). I'm still thinking that it's gotta be Ben.

And, now, a thought that just came to me (with a little help from a coworker). We've seen two occasions where someone was told to follow EXACT coordinates in order to leave the island. Until now, we've believed that this is the only way to leave. But what if it's not? What is it's the only way to leave and remain in present time? What if following other coordinates allows you to travel through time? This could help to explain the polar bear found in Tunisia. We know that the bears originally lived on the Alcatraz island, where they were monitored at the Hydra station. We also know that there are some bears on the main island. So, when these bears made the swim over from Alcatraz, maybe a few rogue bears went in the wrong direction, thus being transported to a different place and time.

Make sure to re-watch Eggtown tonight before the new episode "The Constant". And email me with your theories after the episode, and I'll do my best to address them in my post.


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