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Archive Post: S3E06 - "I Do"

Character: Kate

Who is Monica? In this back-story, we learned a lot about Kate’s past, including her marriage to a police officer. This raises a lot of questions-- the most obvious, of course, being “Why in the world would someone on the run marry a police officer?! And how could he not know that her real name isn’t Monica (as she had led him to believe)?” We have seen Kate using many aliases over the past two-and-a-half seasons (Maggie, Ms. Dodd, Annie, etc.). But it seems that this case may be different, in that she actually seems to have taken on a different identity. Could she have taken this identity from someone, instead of just making it up? That would be the only way that she could live a life with a different identity. In season one, when the raft set sail, she attempted to take over the identity of Joanna (one of the fuselage survivors that eventually drowned). Something tells me that we may actually meet the real Monica some day.

Calling the Marshall: After speaking to her husband on the phone, Kate made a decision-- to call the U.S. Marshall and ask him to stop following her. Anyone ever see the movie “Catch Me If You Can” with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks? In the movie, Leo’s character is on the run, but calls the FBI agent that is searching for him (Tom Hanks) every so often. Being on the run all that time made him very lonely and he almost felt close to Tom Hanks’ character, almost in a weird kind of friendship. I have always got that impression from Kate and her relationship with the Marshall. Notice, she even called him by his first name (Edward) while on the phone. He told her that he would stop following her if she stayed put. However, at the end of the episode, in flashback world, Kate is back on the run. She appears to want to be on the run. Is she chasing after a high that she gets from running? And how far does her relationship with the Marshall go in future episodes? I believe that they once had a romantic relationship because in season one, right before the Marshall died, he made a comment to Jack like, “Don’t believe her.... no matter how she makes you feel.” So doe this imply that she made him feel a certain way? Was he in love with her?

Widmore Labs: Widmore Labs makes its return this year with Kate’s pregnancy test that she takes. The results are negative, but her comment to her husband (Kevin) is very interesting. She says, “I almost had a baby.” Now, I may be reaching here, but doesn’t that seem like a weird way to say “I’m not pregnant”? It almost leads me to believe that she was pregnant at one time and miscarried, and that test verified that she was no longer pregnant. This just adds to the many mysteries on the island that surround children and reproduction. And, was that Kate’s pregnancy test that Sawyer found in with all the luggage?

Look North: At Eko’s funeral, Locke makes it a point to go back and get Eko’s Jesus Stick to put in the ground as a memorial. While pounding it deep into the dirt, he speaks, “Thank you, Mr. Eko, for helping me find my--“, and that’s when he notices that amongst all the scripture is a single phrase: “Lift up your eyes and look north.” Another sign from the island! Locke is being led to find his destiny. And that destiny may lead to him rescuing Jack and Co. from the others.

Chain Gang: What are the others having Kate and Sawyer work on? Is it just busy work? They go out into that field and chop up rocks and haul them away. During their meeting, Jack asked Kate what they were doing to her and she said that they were making her work. She didn’t know what it was, but she said it was “big”. Maybe they’re building a body for the 4-toed foot.

Carl + Alex: While Sawyer and Kate are out working in the field, we hear a siren blaring and a voice coming over the speakers repeating “COMPOUND BREECH”. Pickett yells over the walkie-talkie “How did she get over here?” Then, Alex emerges from behind the trees and starts shooting the others with her slingshot (which, if she weren’t deserted on an island, she would know that slingshots went out of fashion in the mid-nineties). She screams at Pickett, “Where is he? What did you do to him? I want to talk to Ben!” The others grab her, and as she is being dragged away, she yells to Kate “Don’t believe them! They’re going to kill your boyfriend, just like they did to mine!” Now I can’t guarantee that she is referring to Carl, but in an earlier episode, she asked Kate if she knew where Carl was. It only makes sense.

Love Makin’: FINALLY Kate made her decision and the love triangle becomes a straight line. Convinced that the others are going to kill Sawyer, Kate climbs out of her cage and breaks Sawyer’s lock and tries to get him to escape. He told her about how they’re on a separate Alcatraz-like island and that there is no escape. She asks why he didn’t tell her before and he tells her that he didn’t want her to lose hope. (“AAAWWWwwwwwwwwwww”). Well, Sawyer’s plan finally worked-- Kate jumped on him like there were no tomorrow and they humped until the polar bears came home (not really..... it’s a modified figure of speech).

Operation BURN: Ben and Jack spoke early in the episode about Ben’s need for surgery. Jack explained that it was borderline inoperable, and that he needs to be in surgery yesterday. Ben agrees to have the surgery done, and Jack snaps back at him with, “I didn’t say I was going to do it. I just wanted you to know how you were gonna die.” BLAM-BOOM-POW! That was awesome. I love watching Ben get played at his own game. And if that didn’t put him in his place, maybe this next part will. Ben told Jack how disappointed he was, and Jack delivers the best line of the night “Well, I guess you won’t be disappointed for long.” Haha! I have to definitely give cudos to Matthew Fox (the actor who plays Jack) as he has won me over this year. I always thought of him as sort of a sissy actor. But this year, he is bringing 110%, and his character has quickly become one of my favorites (second to Locke).

Last Scene: Jack hears a voice come over the static filled intercom and he is told to “try the door.” While it isn’t clear, the voice sounds a lot like Alex. Jack tries it and is able to leave the Jackquarium. While he roams around the hydra station, he sees Ben’s monitors and then stumbles upon the armory and grabs a gun. He wanders back to the monitor room and after noticing Sawyer and Kate doing some post-sex cuddling, Ben approaches him from behind. Jack agrees to do the surgery, but only on the condition that Ben let him leave the island when he’s done. Now, technically, they’re on a different island, so sending him back to the other island would qualify as letting him off the island.... right? So will Ben send him home? Or will he send him back to the original island that they crashed on?

In surgery, Jack begins operating, and he slits the Kidney sack (if I remember correctly) and Ben begins bleeding (badly). Jack knocks out one of the other doctors, and demands to Tom, who is up in the viewing room, that he come down and bring him the walkie-talkie. Tom radios to Pickett, who is right outside with a gun to Sawyer’s head, about 3 seconds away from turning Sawyer into a bullet-sandwich. Tom tells Pickett to give the radio to Kate and explains that if he doesn’t then Ben will die. Tom is very emotional about this, which makes me think that Tom isn’t one of those people “want change”, as Juliet stated in her flashcards video message from last week. Once Kate picks up the walkie-talkie, Jack reminds her of a story that he told her back in season one and he says “Run. And when you reach safety, radio me and tell me that story so that I know you’re safe. Now, RUN!!!!!” BOOM, end of episode. But how can Kate reach safety? They’re on a separate island. And what about Sawyer? Doesn’t Jack care about him? J Realistically, I’m sure he’ll be part of the escape process.... but they can’t really leave without some sort of boat. So, will the others help Kate and Sawyer escape in order to save Ben? Or will they let Ben die? I guess it all depends on their reasons for taking them as prisoners. It can’t just be because of the surgery-- I mean, they kidnapped a bunch of people. They have to have some sort of big goal here.

Jacob’s List: While leaving the operating room, Pickett mentions to another one of the others that Jack isn’t on “Jacob’s list”. WOAH!! This could be huge. Who is Jacob? Is he the infamous “HIM” from last season? And what is the list? Is it the list of good people? Or bad people? Or something new? I think that this is going to play out in the upcoming episodes and Jacob will be revealed to be a very important person.


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