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Archive Post: S3E11 - Enter 77

Episode: “Enter 77”

Character: Sayid

Hi, everyone. I hope you all enjoyed last night’s Sayid-centric episode. And simply because I’m lazy, let’s just jump right into it:

305 Compass Bearing: When Locke and Sayid were burying Eko a few episodes ago, Locke saw a “sign” on Eko’s stick. It said “Lift up your eyes, and look north.” At least, that’s what I thought it said. I didn’t notice until the “Previously on Lost” in this episode that it said “Lift up your eyes and look north, John 305” (the first part being what I assume is a scripture from John 3:05, which explains how Locke got his compass bearing.

The Great Mysterious Rousseau: Why, oh why, would Rousseau refuse to go investigate Patchy’s house? She said that she’s managed to survive by specifically avoiding situations like that. So, how many times has she been confronted with such situations? She is definitely hiding something!

Mikhail (aka Patchy): After approaching him (and getting shot), Sayid explains their situation and begins asking for answers about the Dharma Initiative…. And that’s when they start pouring out. Here is a breakdown of his comments, as well as whether I think they are true or not:

The Dharma Initiative:

He begins by explaining that he is the last remaining member of the Dharma Initiative (LIE). He goes on to describe how he became a member of the Dharma Initiative (LIE) —he says that he responded to a newspaper ad that said “Do you want to save the world”. He said that when he signed up (11 years ago), he was assigned to the Flame station, which is used for communication with the outside world (True about flame station’s purpose).

The Purge

Mikhail described a “purge”, in which there was a war between the Dharma Initiative and the Others (“hostiles”) (TRUE). He said that they killed all other members of the Dharma Initiative, and let him stay there, as long as he followed the rules and didn’t cross the outlying perimeter.

Underwater Beacon Cable: Sayid asked Mikhail about the cable that runs into the water, and he informs him that it is used for an underwater beacon, which is used to guide the submarine.

Here Kitty Kitty…. Sayid noticed a Cat outside the Flame Station, and seemed to take a long look at it (as if he’d noticed it from somewhere). We later find out that it “looks like” (and probably is) a cat that belonged to a lady that Sayid tortured back in the day. Now, I was convinced that the cat is the smoke monster at the end of this episode, but after watching it a second time, I realized that Mikhail owned the cat long enough to name it, so it was likely not smokey. Ironically, the cat’s name is “Nadia”. Remember, that’s the name of Sayid’s girlfriend. Mikhail informs Sayid that the cat was named after Nadia Elena Comaneci, who “coincidentally” was a gymnast who joined a new gym in 1967 that was called “The Flame”. J

My wife is smarter that I am: I have to admit, I didn’t realize it last night, but she totally called it. So, I am admitting that she is smarter than me when she noticed that Sayid found the “hatch” under the rug, after seeing the cat scratching at it.

Knight to C4: After knocking Mikhail out and tying him up, Sayid & Co. ventured down the hatch, where they were convinced someone else was hiding. While down there, they see that the entire place was wired with C4. (Meanwhile, Locke is upstairs playing game-after-game of Chess on Mikhail’s computer). Sayid comes across a bookshelf with tons of Dharma binders on it… the two they showed said “Operations Manual” and “Food Drop Protocol”. It cuts back to Locke, who is finally able to win a game of chess. The screen then cuts to a video of Marvin Candle, describing different communication options (For a food drop, press this. For whatever, press that. If the hostiles have taken over, enter 77.) This obviously links to the C4 in the basement, which would cause the entire building to explode.

Rest In Peace, Bea: While exploring the basement, Kate is attacked by Ms. (Bea) Klugh, but she and Sayid are able to take her down. They go outside to discover that Locke has been taken hostage by Mikhail. He offers to trade Locke for Ms. Klugh, but Locke tells Sayid not to do it. Instead, Bea starts speaking in Russian (?) to Mikhail. Luckily, I’ve found several sites that translate their conversation. Here is a paraphrase of their conversation:

Bea: You know what you have to do.

Mikhail: There’s got to be another way.

Bea: No there isn’t. Shoot me.

Mikhail: No. I can’t. We’ll find another way.

Bea: Just shoot me, dammit!

[Mikhail looks at Bea]

Mikhail: I’m sorry


[Bea is dead]

The Barracks: Sayid revealed that he’s found a map, which shows electrical and data cabling leading from the Flame Station to an area called “The Barracks”, which houses enough electricity and plumbing to support an entire community. Hello! Can you say “Othersville”? This has got to be the same place we saw at the beginning of season 3. I can’t wait for Sayid & Co. to get there. More specifically, though, I can’t wait for Locke to get there. I have a strong feeling that Locke seeing all of that stuff and coming into more contact with the others, is going to lead to something huge.

Don’t tell Locke what he can’t do! In fact, don’t tell Locke anything. You tell him not to do something, he does it. Then if you tell him to do something (i.e. “Enter 77”), he does it. How do you get Locke to not do something? Sheesh. He has got to be the most curious mofo on the block. And now, because of his actions, the Flame Station is….well…. up in flames, along with all of the information about the Dharma Initiative inside. The key to their escape was in those binders, and now they’re gone.

And now….The Most Important Part of the Episode: Sawyer lost a game of ping-pong to Hurley, and now he can’t call people nicknames for an entire week!

The Funniest Line: It had to be when Sawyer asked Paulo who the hell he was. Haha!

Well, lunch is over. I apologize for this recap… I know it’s not as good as the past ones, but I am extremely tired right now. J I’ll try to make next week’s better.


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