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Archive Post: S3E19 - "The Brig"

Episode: “The Brig”

Character: John Locke

Hi, everyone! What an episode!! As for mythology, there wasn’t too much, but the acting was top-notch! I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but Josh Holloway (Sawyer) actually stole some scenes from Terry O’Quinn (Locke). They’d better both be up for an Emmy…. Along with everyone else on this show. Anyway, on with the recap.

Hand + Bandages = Handages: Back a few episodes ago, Locke went into the rec room to say bye to Kate and his hand was wrapped up in bandages. It turns out that his dad was being kept captive so long that he turned into a cannibal and tried taking a bite out of Locke’s hand. Nothing too special here… just a small question answered.

Third Time’s a Charm: If Sawyer didn’t get Kate pregnant the first two times they did it, I would almost guarantee that he did this time! I’m telling ya… these island women need to keep their pants on. Perhaps we’ll see this play out before the end of the season. Do you think Juliet will tell Kate about the pregnancy curse?

Locke = Isaac: In the second season, in the Rose/Bernard episode, Rose revealed that she had cancer, and Bernard took her to see a man named Isaac, who had the ability to harness the healing powers of the earth and help people that were ill. In tonight’s episode, Ben told Locke that he wasn’t healing at all until Locke came around. So does Locke have this ability? Maybe if Locke would’ve stuck around in season one when Boone died, maybe he would’ve survived.

Friend of the Four-Toed Statue: When Ben brought Locke to kill his father, he was tied to a giant pillar, that resembled ancient ruins. This could very well tie in to the story of the four-toed statue from the season finale last year. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is something we’ll explore this season. After all, there are only 3 episodes left. They’ll probably save this for the last season (they’ll likely do 5 total).

Phone Home: Naomi told Sayid the details of her story: Her company was hired by Penny Widmore to travel to given coordinates to find Desmond. They didn’t have record of any island in that location and on her way back to their ship, the clouds broke and she saw the island. That’s when her compasses went berserk and she bailed out of her helicopter. She explained that research vessels found the plane along with all of the bodies of the passengers. She gave Sayid her satellite phone, which he is working on trying to fix. He said that he is getting some interference that won’t let it work. Keep in mind, though, that the others are aware that they’ve got that phone. So could it be them causing the interference? Or is that just a property of the island?

Will the Real Sawyer Please Stand Up? Locke led Sawyer to the Black Rock, where he had his father captive. He put Sawyer in the room, telling him that the bagged man in front of him is actually Ben and that he is supposed to kill him. When Sawyer removes the bag from his head, he sees that it isn’t Ben, but is Locke’s Dad. At first he’s obviously confused, not knowing who he is. He slowly learns that the man in front of him is actually the man he’s been searching for his whole life—the real Sawyer. YES! And in an extremely emotional scene, Sawyer whips out the infamous letter and forces him to read it. Anthony Cooper is indifferent while he reads it, even skipping half the letter saying “Blah Blah Blah”. Sawyer throws the letter back at him demanding that he read it, and he just tears it up. OH NO YOU DIDN’T! Sawyer loses it and strangles Anthony Cooper to death with one of the chains in the brig.

So now that Sawyer has finally got revenge on the real Sawyer, does that mean that his storyline is complete? Is Sawyer’s fate sealed? Is he going to be killed off now? I hate to think it, but past deaths would lead me to believe that it’s possible.

Rousseau’s Plan? While waiting outside of the brig for Sawyer to kill Anthony Cooper, Locke sees Rousseau walk into the Black Rock looking for dynamite. But what for? Does Rousseau have a plan? Last time we saw her, she saw Alex for the first time. Is she planning an explosive attempt at retrieving her daughter? Something tells me that we’ll be seeing Rousseau and her dynamite back during the finale.

Tape Recorder: When the episode began, we saw Ben listening to the message that Juliet left on the tape recorder about Sun being pregnant. And at the end of the episode, Locke gave that tape recorder to Sawyer and told him that Juliet is a mole for the Others. So let me pose a couple questions—Is Ben setting up Juliet? Did he give Locke the tape recorder in hopes that the Losties would all turn against Juliet and kill her? Or did Locke really steal the recorder without Ben knowing about it?

Juliet & Jack Plotting Something? When Kate approached Jack to explain to him about Naomi and her satellite phone, Juliet mentioned something like, “We should tell her,” to which Jack replied, “No, they’re not ready yet.” So what kind of tricks to Jack and Juliet have up their sleeve? Are they both planning something against Ben? Is Juliet tricking the losties? Is Juliet tricking the others? I know I’ll regret saying this, but I think that we’ll see Juliet and Jack working together to defeat Ben. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when the Others make their way to the Losties’ camp. I can smell a war brewing!

Next Week: This is where things start to change. While I try to avoid all spoilers, I do try to at least find the name of the next episode, as well as who-centric it is. I can tell you that the episode will be called “The Man Behind The Curtain” (another Wizard of Oz reference). I can’t, however, give you a clear idea of who-centric it is. It appears that Locke is going to finally ask for some answers from Ben and we’ll be taken back in time to when the Dharma Initiative was on the island. So we’ll likely get a lot of cool answers (as well as more questions). As for whose episode it will be…. I’m going to classify it as a Ben/Dharma-centric episode for now.

As always, I’d love to hear your theories and thoughts. Please let me know if I missed anything important. Otherwise, I’ll talk at ya next week!


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