Thursday, November 15, 2007

Archive Post: S3E14 - "Expose"

Episode: Exposé

Character: Nikki & Paulo

Hi, everyone. I hope everyone enjoyed last night’s episode of “Lost”. Unfortunately, there isn’t too much to report on from this one, so this’ll be a short one. This episode was GREAT entertainment, but I can’t help but wonder what purpose it served. They brought Nikki and Paulo into the show this season, and then apparently killed them off, making no real advances in the plot. So why even have them in the show? I hope the producers of the show have something up their sleeves with this one.

Direction at its Prime: The first thing that I wanted to comment on with this episode is how great the direction was. They were able to successfully intertwine Nikki and Paulo’s story into the island history. I loved watching the

I See Dead People (or do I?): The big question for me at the end of the episode is, are Nikki and Paulo dead? In the final scene, we see that Nikki opens her eyes, but is still paralyzed. Now, Sawyer didn’t necessarily dig a very deep hole, so I would think it would be semi-possible. I actually hope that one of them survives (preferably Nikki). After all, wasn’t Nikki told by the producer/director/boyfriend guy after her onscreen death that he could bring her back from the dead? And when Paulo was burying the diamonds, Locke told him that things don’t tend to stay buried for long on the island. IF they are, in fact, alive, I think that will change the opinions of a lot of viewers who didn’t like the episode.

Vincent Knew: It was a really nice afterthought that Vincent may have known that Paulo and Nikki weren’t dead, because as they laid there, covered with the sheet, Vincent pulled the sheet back, almost as if to tell the other survivors that they aren’t dead.

=IF(Smokey”=“Spider”,….. Did you hear it? Right before the spiders attacked, we heard the a little bit of the smoke monster. So does this mean that the spiders were actually manifestations of the smoke monster? Leslie (Arzt) did tell Nikki that he’d discovered several new species since crashing on the island. Could he have trapped a part of the smoke monster? ….. I think not. I think that it would be more plausible that the smoke monster led the spiders to them, rather than it actually being the smoke monster. Then again, anything’s possible. I do believe that Vincent is the smoke monster. But that’s a whole separate topic.

Flashback Flashback: I wanted to quickly flashback to a previous flashback, where Desmond was watching the infamous soccer game in a bar (episode: “Flashes Before Your Eyes”). If you recall, there were several billboard ads around the stadium advertising for various LOST-oriented companies. One of the ads was for “Exposé”. We also saw (in last week’s episode) Locke sitting around watching TV in his apartment… and what was he watching? An episode of Exposé! Nice little cross-over.

Ben & Juliet: I can’t believe I didn’t catch any of this my first time watching the episode, but Ben and Juliet had some small interesting conversation when they were in the Pearl Station. So, just in case you missed it too, here is basically what went down. When they walked in, they were talking about who left the door opened, and it was mentioned that Tom had been down in there a few days ago and must’ve left it open. We obviously know that it was Paulo. Also, before they left, Ben told Juliet to have someone move the plane back over the top of the hatch doors. I don’t know that this is important at all, but could offer additional insight into the Others.

Next Week: Next week’s episode is titled “Left Behind” and looks to be a great one. It will be Kate-centric, and it appears that Kate and Juliet get into a nice little scuffle. I assume that they are fighting over Jack… only, they won’t admit it. They’ll probably fight over something else, with the whole Jack-thing as just an underlying issue between the two of them. I’m placing my bets on Kate.

On a side note, the producers have also mentioned that the whole Locke’s Dad storyline will be back, but not for a couple more weeks. Darn it!!

I hope you all enjoyed the recap. I’d love to hear your feedback!


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