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Archive Post: S3E18 - "D.O.C. (Date of Conception)"

Episode: D.O.C. (Date of Conception)

Characters: Jin and Sun

Hi everyone! I hope you all enjoyed last night’s episode. There were a lot of really cool things that happened, so let’s get right into it….

The Resurrection of Mikhail: Most likely as an effect of Hurly shooting a flare into the air, we hear someone running toward the group. They all look up and see… Mikhail! He’s alive! But how? When you look back at the scene from where Locke threw him into the sonic fence, Sayid said that it looked like he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage… which, technically, isn’t always fatal. And they didn’t check to make sure he was dead. SO, it’s totally plausible.

The Effects of the Sonic Fence: I said, “THE EFFECTS OF THE SONIC FENCE”! Could it be that Mikhail has some serious loss of hearing, caused by the cerebral hemorrhage? He made a gesture to Charlie suggesting that he didn’t hear him. I wrote that off as Mikhail just being a smart ass…. But while Jin was running after him (after he stole the phone), he just walked away and didn’t run…. Even though the crowd behind him was making a lot of noise. So did he not hear the losties chasing behind him?

The Multi-Lingual Stranger: Our newest friend (who’s credited as “Naomi”) appears to speak at least 5 languages: Spanish, English, Chinese, Italian, and Portugese. But how do you say “Liar” in Portugese? While the losties take turns translating Naomi’s comments, she speaks in Portugese, a language in which it appears only Mikhail can translate. And unfortunately, he lied to the losties about the translation. While he told them that she was thanking him for helping her, the actual translation of what she said was… (are you ready for this?)…. “I am not alone.” WHAT?! Does that mean that Penny is on the island? Who did she come with? When will we find out? We’ve only got 4 episodes left this season!!!!! I really hope she “comes to” next week and starts giving some answers… in ENGLISH!

Son of a Hooker: Sun was approached by a woman, who we later find out is Jin’s mother. Sun didn’t know that Jin’s parents were alive. As we’d known, Jin hid the identity of his father because he was ashamed of his background and didn’t want anyone to know where he came from. What Jin didn’t know was that his mother was still alive…. And is a blackmailing whore (pardon my language). She threatened Sun, saying that if she doesn’t bring her $100,000, she’ll come out and reveal his past. Trying her hardest to not embarrass Jin, she talks her dad into giving her the money.

How to Become a Hitman: Step one: Have your wife make a deal with her mobster father so that your hooker-mom doesn’t spill the beans about your past.

Sun’s father gives her the 100 G’s under the agreement that Jin is “promoted” from “Floor Manager” to “Goon”. And, as of the end of the episode, we still have yet to find out if Jin knows about his mother. He asked Sun about why she had the money, but as we all know, Sun is a big fat liar. It would only make sense that he found out the truth about what she did somewhere down the line and that’s why he resented her so much. It was her fault that he was forced to “deliver messages” for her dad. We know that he hated doing it, and it seemed that he had always blamed her for it. But now we know that he had a right to point the finger. If you ask me, she should’ve just cried to her daddy and said that this prostitute was threatening her life. Then Mr. Paik would’ve had one of his other goons track her down and chop her head off.

The Baby’ Daddy: In a scene that was certainly more touching that the traditional “…and the father is…” moments on Maury Povich, it is revealed that Jin fathered the baby. Perhaps this episode should’ve been called “Catch 22”, instead of last week’s. Here’s the deal: If Sun conceived the baby off of the island, then it would be Jae Lee’s baby and her marriage would be ruined. If she conceived the baby ON the island, it would be Jin’s (yay!), but she would probably die (boo!). It’s a lose-lose situation…. Unless Juliet can help her. Now, we know it’s easy to GET a woman pregnant on the island. (I mean, with a sperm count jumping to 5-times its normal amount on the island, I’m surprised girls aren’t getting pregnant just by standing next to a guy.) Juliet revealed that women who conceive on the island never make it to their third trimester. And from the conversations she’s had with Ben, it appears that if she is able to figure out a way for Sun to carry the baby full-term without dying, she will have succeeded in her research and will be let off the island. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you, Juliet!

Jack the Other: He seemed to be on a mission to find Sun and get answers about the baby. So was he just being a good doctor and friend who truly cared about her? Or has he been manipulated by the others? Is he helping Juliet get info about the baby? My opinion… he’s being a good friend and doc. He knows about their fertility research and wants to make sure she is okay. I don’t think he’ll be kidnapping her any time soon.

Mommy Kate? So, the sperm count on this island is 5-times its normal amount? I think we might want Kate to take a pregnancy test after hooking up with Sawyer…. Twice. And I’d be willing to put money on the fact that they didn’t use any Dharma-brand contraceptives. I’m thinking we’ll see a pregnant Kate in season 4. Maybe she and Sun can have a dual baby shower.

Flight 815: ……and now for the kicker. Naomi FINALLY speaks English after Hurley tells her that they are survivors of Oceanic Airlines, flight 815. Her response— Flight 815 was already found… and there were no survivors. HO-LY-CRAP!

So this brings about several theories……

1. Purgatory – Are all of the survivors of the crash actually dead, and are now stuck in purgatory? This is one of the first theories that surfaced about the Losties…. And is also one of the first to get debunked by the producers. It is NOT purgatory. Keep guessing

2. Staged Crash on the Island – The survivors of the crash are not actually survivors of a crash. The plane wreckage was planted on the island. And the flashbacks and memories of the losties were implanted into their brains. I don’t believe this one because Ben and Friends saw the plane crash. Then again, that part could’ve been staged for the Others too.

3. Staged Crash (plane found) – This is the one that I believe is true. The Hanso Foundation (or the government, or whoever is behind all of this) is covering up the truth by staging another plane crash, which they claim is Flight 815. My question…. Is this something that was done a week or so later, like, “Hey look… we found that plane that crashed!” or was it all part of the plan? Did it go missing for only a couple hours, before the decoy plane was brought in and taken down?

Next Week: YES! YES! YES! Next week is the return of John Locke in yet another Locke-centric episode, titled “The Brig”. From the looks of the preview, Locke claims to have captured Ben and demands that Sawyer kill him. My thoughts….. Locke knows that his dad is the real Sawyer, and has (obviously) captured him, and knows that Sawyer will finally be able to kill him. The thing that scares me about this, though, is that it seems that if Sawyer kills the real Sawyer, then his storyline is complete (kinda). And normally, when a character completes their story line (like Boone, Shannon, Eko, etc.)… you see the trend there?…… they die. Part of me doesn’t think that they could realistically kill of Sawyer, but then again, it’s LOST. They can do anything.

As always, I’d love your feedback.

Until next week!


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