Friday, November 9, 2007

My First Blog Entry

Welcome to my LOST blog. To give a little background, when I left my old job, I had several co-workers who were upset that they weren't gonna have those famous Thursdays after an episode to sit around my cube and talk LOST all day (instead of actually working). So when I started my new job (back in '05), they insisted that I send them a quick e-mail on Thursdays to point out things that they may have missed in the episodes.

Note: This was right around the time when we first got a good look into the smoke monster when Mr. Eko came face-to-face with it.

So of course, after I sent that out to some of those people, they sent it to their friends, who sent it to their friends. And the next thing I knew, week-after-week, I would get emails from people I didn't know, asking me to add them to my distribution list. Two years later, and I'd say that I only know about half of the people who I send my "recaps" to.

I've been meaning to creat a blog about LOST so that more people can spread the word. I'm planning on posting some of my old emails from past episodes so that my archives are available to those of you who are new to my recaps.

Also, if you choose to leave any comments in this blog, please make sure that you include NO SPOILERS. This blog will be 99% spoiler-free! (That extra 1% is stuff that the producers have announced, such as Michael's return in next season). I consider that stuff public knowledge.

So, thanks again for finding this blog. Look for updates VERY soon. I hope you like what I have to say.

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