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Archive Post: S3E15 - "Left Behind"

Episode: Left Behind

Character: Kate

Hi, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed “Lost” last night! And because I’m in a little bit of a hurry to get this written, let’s just get to it.

Super-Kate vs. Super-Juliet: When Kate attacked Juliet with the pool stick, Juliet pulled some super-human defense moves and flipped Kate onto the ground. Juliet just doesn’t seem like the kind of person to have this kind of training. I just can’t help but think that maybe all of the Others have some sort of martial arts training. Maybe this is part of the whole brainwashing process.

Mysterious Locke: Locke came in the recreation room to tell Kate that he was going off with the Others. He had a noticeably large black eye, and his wrist and hand were wrapped with tape. Questions: What happened to his eye and hand? Was he in a fight with his father? More importantly, where the hell are the others taking him to? We see later that the others put on gas masks, and pack up their backpacks just before gassing Kate, Jack, and Juliet. (But what about Rousseau? Where is she?)

The Return of Cassidy: In Kate’s flashback, we see that she’s crossed paths with a familiar face from Sawyer’s past—Cassidy. You’ll remember her from the episode “The Long Con” from last year. She fell in love with him and he conned her in the end. We also saw Sawyer this season when Sawyer was in prison and she came to visit him, telling him that she has a daughter (and he’s the father). It was theorized that perhaps she was lying, but she told Kate that she was pregnant with his baby in this episode. So now we know for sure she wasn’t lying.

Handcuffs: After being gassed, Kate wakes up in the middle of the jungle and when she comes to, she realizes that she is handcuffed to Juliet, who claims that she too was gassed and “left behind” by the Others. So now for the big question for this episode: Can we believe what Juliet says? Was she planted there as a mole? Now that she is being brought back to the Losties’ camp, will she betray them? Is this all part of the Others’ plan? Or is she officially an enemy of the Others now? I hope for the latter.

Here Comes the Rain Again: Kate told Juliet that they needed to follow the trail of the Others, but Juliet forewarned her that it was about to rain. This is certainly not the first time in “Lost” that people have been able to easily predict the rain…. And didn’t Rousseau say that the Others don’t leave footprints (not only Rousseau… this has been referenced SEVERAL times)? So is it possible that the Others control the weather on the island, making it rain every time they go somewhere that they don’t want to be followed, thus washing away their footprints?

Heeeeeeerrrreee’s Smokey: While fighting in the rain, Kate dislocated Juliet’s shoulder, and as Juliet fell to the ground screaming, we hear the eerie yell of the smoke monster. Kate and Juliet hide within some trees and we see the monster approach from its own point-of-view. As it gets close to Juliet, we see flashes of light. It looks almost like it is taking pictures of her.

This could be the same thing that happened to Eko, but just shown from a different perspective. This makes me think that Smokey will inevitably return and try to kill Juliet, as it has done to Eko and possibly tried to do to Locke (we’re still not 100% sure what it was trying to do to Locke).

The strange part of this scene was when Juliet said “What is that?” as if she had never seen it before. By the end of the episode, though, we get a little more clarification. She claims that they don’t know what it is, but they know that the sonic fence seems to be able to block it. So here’s my theory on the smoke monster…. It is something that was developed by the Dharma Initiative, who also built the barracks (the houses that the Others live in). The Dharma folks also built those sonic fences to keep the Smoke Monster out of it. The Smoke Monster (as Rousseau mentioned) is a security system). The Others are trying to get to whatever it is that Smokey is protecting, but cannot get past it. They’re attempting to gather “good” people because Smokey can’t (won’t?) attack them if they’re “good”.

We also learned in the sonic fence scene that Smokey is not just one thing… it can break apart into several trails of smoke. This means that it can be in multiple places at once… but I can’t help but wonder if Smokey NEEDS to be all together in order to do its damage. Maybe it separates so that it can monitor events and people from all over the island, and when it needs to actually do something, all parts need to be joined together.

A Key? While escaping the smoke monster, Juliet pulls a handcuff key from her pocket and un-cuffs Kate from her wrist. So why leave it on? It seems that Juliet has some kind of ulterior motive, which is why I keep thinking that she is a mole for the Others.

The Tension Remains: Throughout the entire episode, Sawyer makes eye contact with Sun quite a few times, but she glares back at him in disgust. She is still obviously upset about the kidnapping that he arranged for last season. I just wonder when Jin will catch on to the tension between them and what the repercussions will be.

The Journey Back: Well, it appears that Jack, Juliet, Kate, and Sayid are all headed back to the beach where the rest of the survivors of flight 815 are living. This could mean big trouble if Juliet is a mole for the Others. Even if she isn’t, they might try to “rescue” Juliet, in which case we might see a full-on head-to-head between all of the others and all of the Losties. I would be very excited to see that happen!

Next Week: The next episode is titled “One of Us” and will be a Juliet-centric episode. The title makes me think that this episode will focus on the events of Ben being “captured” by Rousseau, but from the Others’ perspective (the original episode where that happened was called ‘One of Them’). And by the looks of the preview, I think we might actually start getting some good answers about the Others, and Juliet’s past with them.

Well… that just about does it for me. I’d love to hear your theories and thoughts on last night’s episode. Otherwise, I’ll just talk to you next week.


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