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Archive Post: S3E17 - "Catch 22"

Episode: Catch 22

Character: Desmond

It’s Thursday again! And I hope you all enjoyed last night’s episode. There were a lot of cool things to think about. So let’s get to it…..

The Flashes: We finally get to see one of Desmond’s flashes that we’ve heard so much about. In it, we see Charlie, Hurley, Jin, and Desmond trekking through the jungle when Charlie trips one of Rousseau’s traps and catches an arrow to the throat. We then get little glimpses of events, which include Hurley pulling a cable from the ground and a red light flashing in the sky. It appears that Desmond will need to save Charlie yet again. But the big question, of course, is “Why is this happening to Charlie? Will he die?” And as much as I’d hate to admit it, I think Charlie is going to die. And I think that the island is demanding it.

Think back to season one when Boone died. Right before he was killed, Locke had a vision of a bloody Boone standing before him, followed by flashes of a plane crashing overhead and him being back in a wheelchair. Then, Locke was on a mission to find the plane. Once the plane was found, he began losing his ability to walk. And that’s when Boone climbed into it, it fell to the ground, and he was killed.

So can we assume that Locke was (or is) having these same kinds of flashes that Desmond has? And can we also assume that just as Boone died, Charlie will too? Desmond seems to be acting a little bit against what the island is showing him will happen, while Locke just went with the flow and made sure that everything happened (of course, not realizing what will happen to Boone). I think we will see the island tempting Desmond more and more until he finally gives in and lets Charlie die.

The Helicopter: While camping out for the night, Desmond and Co. hear what sounds like a helicopter flying overhead. And because it’s dark outside, the details are sketchy of what exactly is going on. But what appears to have happened is this… A helicopter is flying over head and something happens to the chopper that sends it plummeting to the ground. So the pilot ejects herself over the island and the chopper crashes in the water. Desmond is convinced that the woman who fell from the sky is Penny.

The Love Quadrilateral: Kate and Sawyer. Jack and Kate. Jack and Juliet. But not Juliet and Sawyer… yet.

Not too much island mythology there, but it is definitely worth talking about. As you all know, Kate and Sawyer got it on again last night. But if you ask me, Kate was probably thinking about Jack the whole time. She climbed on top of him right after she saw Jack with Juliet. She is OBVIOUSLY jealous. She even told Sawyer not to speak. She might as well have asked him to put a paper bag over his head (of course, the paper bag would have a picture of Jack’s face taped to the front of it). But I question the validity of the Jack and Juliet relationship. I struggle because part of me believes that she is deceiving Ben, but the other part can’t help but think that she is a full-fledged Other.

The Red Shirt: There have been a couple references to “red shirts” on the show. Boone mentioned to Locke that in Star Trek, you could always tell who was going to die because they were always wearing red shirts (while Boone himself was carrying a red shirt). Shortly after that, he died. Tonight’s episode had Jack wearing a very noticeable red sleeveless shirt. Jin too was wearing a shade of red, but not nearly as red as Jack’s shirt. It looks like the producers might be hinting that Jack will die by the end of the season. Now THAT would be a cool twist—killing off the main character.

As a side note, for those who don’t know, the first draft of the pilot episode had Jack being killed. They thought it would be a great shock to kill off the main character in the first episode, leaving the audience with a sense of also being lost. So maybe they’ll finally get their wish.

The Jeweler: After the monks fired Desmond, he went to turn in his robes and there on the desk of the head-honcho-munk was a (poorly photoshopped) picture of the monk with the jeweler. You remember her, Ms. Hawkings. She was the one from Desmond’s last episode that guided him throughout his flashback (aka the Oracle). So she was real. And how did she know the monk? And did Desmond really know her (other than the fact that she tried selling him the ring)? I wonder if there is any connection between her and Richard Malkin (Claire’s psychic). They both seem to be strong mystic forces.

The Arrow: Charlie triggered Rousseau’s trap, sending an arrow straight for his throat. At the last minute, Desmond screamed for him to duck and knocked Charlie to the ground, with the arrow piercing the neck of his guitar. Desmond told Charlie that he was supposed to let him die. I guess this means that Charlie can’t really trust Desmond any more. It’s likely that we’ll see Charlie going through some rough times in the coming weeks. With death hanging over his head, he’ll probably become a different person.

The Girl: A bag fell from the chopper that contained a book (“Catch 22”) that had a copy of the picture of Desmond and Penny in it. The bag also contained a satellite phone, which, of course, didn’t work. We assume that the bag belongs to the girl who also fell from the helicopter. So who is this person? We find at the end of the episode that she isn’t Penny, who Desmond had originally thought. But she did manage to get out one word… a name… “Desmond”. So she’s not Penny, but she knows who Desmond is. It is logical to assume that some time after the finale last year when Penny’s two researchers found the island, she sent that girl to find Desmond, equipping her with a photo to match him to, and a satellite phone. So….what now?

Any information that we receive from this girl could be groundbreaking. But in true Lost fashion, she will probably die right before being able to give us any answers. I’d like to say that I think she’ll be around for a while, but I haven’t heard anything about someone joining the cast. Then again, as always, I try my best to avoid spoilers, so it’s possible that she’ll be around for a while.

Also, don’t ignore the possibility that she too is a plant from the Others.


Next Week: Unfortunately, with the previews being more rest-of-the-season centric, I can’t give much details about next week’s episode. I can, however, tell you that it will be called “D.O.C.” and will be Sun & Jin centric. Perhaps the episode will center around them both getting new glasses. J

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and theories.

Until next week!


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