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Archive Post: S3E22 - "Through the Looking Glass"

Episode: Through the Looking Glass

Character: Jack

Hi, everyone! What a great way to end a terrific season! I’m going to apologize in advance for the scattered-brainy-ness (as if that’s even a word) in this recap. I’ve been writing it on and off for the past week. So, let’s get to it.

Bun-in-the-Oven: For those that didn’t catch it, when Sarah came in to visit Jack in the hospital, she was obviously pregnant. And if you watch the scene closely, you’ll see that it’s the first thing Jack looks at when she walks into the room. They hinted in a previous episode that Jack and Sarah might not be able to have a baby together. His whole flashforward was like a bad nightmare for himi… all of his fears coming true—he’s turned into his father, and Sarah is happy (and pregnant) with someone else.

Q: Why were Kate and Sawyer crushing rocks? A: They were building a runway.

Q: For What? A: In typical LOST fashion, they answer a question, and ask a new one at the same time. Sheesh! So what do you think they were building a runway for? Maybe the Others are planning to have a reality show called ‘Mysterious Island’s Next Top Model’. J Seriously, though, if they’re building a runway, then does that mean that it’s possible to leave the island via plane? Does that mean that the others have a plane? Or is this a way for them to get back to the island? Perhaps it’s just busy-work for the Others.

Meow-khail: Okay… I can understand Mikhail not being dead after being thrown between the pylons. But COME ON! Desmond shot a spear through the center of his chest and he still had enough energy to grab a grenade, swim out of the station and to Charlie’s window, wave good-bye, and blow the window up. We also know that at some point in his life, something happened to him, causing him to lose an eye. So, can the man with nine lives survive a grenade blowing up in his hand? Probably. My guess is that we’ll see him next season, but with only one arm.

In all seriousness though, is it possible that he really is indestructible? Maybe he is one of those island natives that lives forever and never ages (like Richard). Or maybe he’s just really lucky.

Rest In Peace: I just wanted to give a shout-out to Dominic Monaghan (the actor who played Charlie). He’s done a great job since the show began, and his presence will be missed. It was a sad moment when he died (even baby Aaron cried when it happened). I should address a common question—Why didn’t Charlie just leave the room and close the door behind him? Because Desmond told him that the only way Claire and Aaron would be rescued is if he died. He sacrificed himself and died as a hero. …Not to mention his final message “Not Penny’s Boat” warning Desmond that the losties’ new friend, Naomi, isn’t who she says she is.

And for those wondering if we’ll see Charlie alive next year, I’m afraid to say that the producers and Dominic Monaghan have confirmed—Charlie is dead.

The Official Death Toll: Okay, so rumors were right…. kinda. It was mentioned before the finale aired (TV Guide) that as many as 5 people were supposed to die in the finale. And while the rumors suggested that they were supposed to be main cast members, that part was not so accurate. Here is the official death toll from the finale:

Charlie – drowned, sacrificing his life to assure Claire and Aaron’s rescue

Bonnie – Shot by Mikhail, as instructed by Ben

Greta – Shot by Mikhail, as instructed by Ben

Mikhail (?) – Pylons, spear, grenade, etc.

Tom – Shot by Sawyer after surrendering

Ryan – Ran over by Hurley in the Dharma bus

Naomi – Knife in the back, courtesy of Locke

Misc. Others – Burnt to a crisp and/or shot, courtesy of Bernard, Sayid, and Jin

Back from the Dead: No, this is not another paragraph about Mikhail. This is in reference to Jack’s comment about his father. For those that didn’t catch it, while talking to the doctor, a very drunk Jack said something like, “Call my father. Have him come down here, and if he’s more drunk than I am…”. This brought about a lot of questions, as Jack’s father is (or was) dead. And while I believe that this line is in the show to emphasize how drunk Jack really is, the Lost community has been buzzing with chatter about the possibility of Christian Shephard being alive. I just don’t believe it.

Alex, Danielle. Danielle, Alex. A bloodied Ben looks up to the duo and finally introduces Alex to her Rousseau, “This is your mother.” And I, for one, am really glad that they finally met. But what does this mean for the future of Lost? Will Alex accept the crazy French lady as her mother? And, to clear up speculation, the producers confirmed this week that Ben is not Alex’s biological father. So any theories that had Rousseau and Ben shacking up in the past are wrong.

Good Vibrations: The code for deactivating the signal-blocker in the Looking Glass is the song “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys. This could very well be a reference to “Vanilla Sky” I’m not gonna say too much on this, for fear of ruining the ending to a movie, but this was the same song played in the final scene. If you can bear to sit through a Tom Cruise movie, watch it. You’ll know what I’m sayin.

A New Enemy? So, if Penny didn’t send Naomi, then who did? Can we trust what Ben said—she’s one of the “bad guys”? Ben told Michael last year that the Others were “the good guys”. So, is Naomi’s crew the new enemy on the show? Can we expect the losties and whatever’s left of the Others to join forces next year in a battle against the people coming to “rescue” the losties? And if they do team up, we can probably expect to learn a lot more about the island in the new season, as I’m sure someone will be asking questions.

Another interesting note about Naomi is that she asked Jack what he did for a living right before showing him how to use the phone. Why did she need to know that? It seemed like small talk at first, but was very awkward. I wonder if she had an ulterior motive with that question.

“This just in…” Everybody has been talking about the big question of whose funeral it was. You’ll be happy to know that I have an answer. You’ll be unhappy to know that it won’t mean anything to you. Haha. The funeral was that of John Lantham. I beg your pardon? Who the hell is John Lantham? And more importantly, how do I know that? The details of the infamous newspaper clipping were released by a member of the “Lost” production crew. Here is what the article said:

Man Found Dead in Downtown Loft: The body of John Lantham from New York was found after 4 a.m. in the 4300 block of Grand Avenue. Ted Worden, a doorman at the Tower Lofts complex, heard loud noises coming from the victim’s loft. Concerned for tenants’ safety, he entered the loft and found the body hanging from a beam in the living room. According to Jamie Ortiz, a police spokesman, the incident was deemed a suicide after medical tests. Lantham is survived by one teenage son. Memorial services will be held at the Hoffs / Drawlar funeral home tomorrow evening.

So, who is John Lantham? Is it someone we already know? Is it possible that “John Lantham” is an alias used by one of our losties once they get rescued? A popular theory places Michael in the casket. Think about it—“survived by one teenage son” could very well be a reference to Walt, who would (at this time) be about 13 or 14 years old. Luckily, we know enough of our Losties’ pasts to know that he is the only one with a teenage son. And if it were Michael, that would explain why nobody was at the funeral (except Walt). He killed two of the losties in order to save himself and his son.

But after watching this episode for a third time, I got the feeling that Jack felt like it was his fault that the person was dead? That makes me think that it might very well be Locke. If Jack went against what Locke said and called for rescue, perhaps Locke too was brought home. And then he became paralyzed again and also lost all faith in himself. And then killed himself. And it was Jack’s fault that he did because he is the one who got them “rescued”.

Let me throw just one more wrench in the mix—look at the casket—it looks like it belongs to a child (or at least a short person). It certainly doesn’t appear to be big enough to contain a full-grown man.

HOFFS / DRAWLER Funeral Parlor: God bless the Lost producers and their anagram-creating skills! Rearranging the letters of “Hoffs Drawlar”, you come up with “Flash Forward”, an obvious nod to our first ever flash-forward… unless you count that whole Desmond-seeing-Charlie-die thing. J

The Rattlesnake: The producers have a secret scene that they film every year for the finale. This year, they nicknamed that scene “The Rattlesnake”. In the final scene, we realize that Jack’s “flashbacks” were actually flash-forwards. But is this how our hero ends up? Suicidal? Alcoholic? Is this really how post-island life is for Jack Shephard? Or is the island showing Jack how he’ll end up if he leaves? The maps in his house show that he is trying to find the island. In the Rattlesnake, he tells Kate that they need to go back. So is it possible that Jack and Kate are the only people that made it off the island? Is Jack trying to go back to rescue the rest of the Losties? Or is his life just so miserable that he misses the island life? Jack and Kate each made comments during that scene that require a second look:

Jack: “I’m tired of lying” – Lying about what? Can we assume that in order to keep the island a secret, an offer was made to Jack and Kate? Perhaps they said that Kate will be free if they don’t mention the island (remember, she’s a fugitive)?

Kate: “He’s gonna be wondering where I am.” He? Is she married? Sawyer, possibly? But if it were Sawyer, you think he would’ve come too. So can we assume it is to someone that wasn’t on the island? I’ve heard rumblings that Kate could possibly have a son now (remember… she could very well be pregnant in island-time). But assuming that only a few years have passed, it is unlikely to think that she would have a child old enough to wonder. I lean towards her having a non-lostie husband.

A New Theory on Jacob: What if Jacob is Jack, from the future? He’s found a way to go back in time and converse with the island. He’s found Ben and knows how good Ben is at talking people into things, so he tries to tell Ben to talk him into staying on the island. When that doesn’t work, he tries to get Locke to talk Jack into staying. Everything that happens on the show is Future Jack’s attempt at trying to get island-Jack to stay.

So, let me add my own thoughts to this theory. What if future Desmond is doing the same thing as Future Jack, but is trying to get them to leave the island? Maybe we’ll see that Naomi’s team is being led by a mysterious force too, but instead of Future Jack / Jacob, it is Future Desmond.

I know that the whole time-travel thing is a little stretch, but I totally dig it! What are your thoughts?

Next on LOST: ….as if I’d even attempt to figure that out! All I can say is that it won’t be back until February. So, shut your TV off and enjoy your summer. You can at least expect one recap from me this summer when the LOST producers have their annual San Diego Comic Convention and give us some insight into things we may have missed from season three, and also what we might expect from season four. If I hear anything else worth sharing, I’ll certainly do just that.

Until next time!


…and just for fun….

The LOST Finale awards…..

Top Five Funniest Moments:

5.) Sawyer and Juliet’s entire conversation, from the Alien Runway to the “Are you screwing Jack” line, to the “No, are you?” response! Priceless!

4.) Rose made Bernard admit that he’s only a dentist, and is not Rambo.

3.) While Bonnie is on the radio with Ben and he asks who is down there, Charlie shouts “It’s Charlie! Tell him I said Hi!” That’s Golden!

2.) After Hurley ran over Ryan and the rest of the others were taken out, he tried to radio the others by saying “Attention Others…come in, Others. If you can hear this, I want you to know we got you bastards.” HAHA

1.) My #1 funniest moment from the finale was when Rose told Jack, “If you say ‘live together, die alone’ to me, Jack, I’m gonna punch you in the face.” LOL! This line makes me laugh, just thinking about it.

Top 3 Most Kick-Ass Moments

3.) When Hurley ran over Ryan with the Dharma Bus

2.) When Sawyer shot Tom and said “That’s for takin’ the kid off the raft.”

1.) When Sayid swept that guy the ground, wrapped his feet around the guys head, and snapped his neck.

… And the #1 Funniest Kick-Ass Moment Award goes to….

When Rousseau elbowed Ben in the face. Priceless.

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