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Archive Post: S3E10 - "Tricia Tanaka is Dead"

Episode: Tricia Tanaka is Dead

Character: Hurley

I just want to intro this by saying that this was one of my favorite episodes, regardless of the lack of mysteries or answers, etc. I just love the humor factor and the episode altogether left me feeling good. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. On with the recap….

Libby’s Grave: One of the first scenes had Hurley speaking to Libby as he knelt at her gravesite. It was a very touching scene, and I’m still really upset that we still don’t know anything about Libby’s past, except for the fact that she was in the mental hospital (why?) and that she gave Desmond the sailboat. I really look forward to finding out her backstory. Unfortunately, she is dead, so we’ll have to wait to find her in those cross-overs in other people’s flashbacks.

Vincent Gives Hurley a Hand: …actually, it was an arm—a Dharma arm to be specific. Vincent (or as I like to call him, “smokey’s manifestation of Vincent”) brought Hurley a skeletal arm, which held onto a rabbit’s foot keychain. It’s very ironic that the keychain was a rabbit’s foot, seeing as how Hurley’s entire backstory revolves around luck and curses. I think this is symbolic of things to come. Hurley’s luck is finally turning around.

The Cameraman Died Too: Shortly after Tricia Tanaka and her cameraman went into the Mr. Cluck’s restaurant, Hurley hears the meteor (actually a meteorite) shooting down from the sky and it completely demolishes the building. It was really cool to finally see it happen. This is something that Hurley told Jack about last season during his rant about the cursed numbers.

Hooked on Phonics: Jin and Sun were on the beach in the “kitchen” area, and Sun asked Jin to pass her the cereal, but of course, Jin didn’t understand. She warned him that she will only speak to him in English in order to help him learn. The funny thing is, Daniel Dae Kim (the actor that plays Jin) speaks English VERY well… better than most Americans.

No Mo’ Freckles? The Kate and Sawyer storyline in this episode was written really well and really showed the demons that they are facing as they try and have a real relationship. After Kate pulled the dart from Sawyer’s foot, they started having a conversation and Kate told him that all he had to do was apologize. He immediately put up his wall (metaphor) and blocked Kate from getting too close. She walked away and as they arrived at the beach, she said “Welcome home, Sawyer.” What? No “James”? And then in his response, he calls her “Kate”. And to be honest, I think this is the first time he didn’t use a nickname with her. The tension between the two of them is so thick!! And at the end of the episode, when Sawyer is watching all of the other couples interact, you can really tell that he misses Kate. I have to give kudos to Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly for their acting this season. Well done!

Carmen’s Loins are Burning! Making sure to cover the ears of the golden Jesus statue, Hurley’s mom (Carmen) reveals that she is willing to welcome Hurley’s father back into their lives because it’s been 17 years since she’s done the ol’ hibbity-dibbity, and is ready to get….it…..on! Hurley later has to sleep with headphones on because his mom apparently likes to make a lot of noise in the sack. HAHAHAHA

Roger WorkMan (aka “Skeletor”): This scene had me laughing nonstop with Hurley thinking that Roger’s last name was “Workman” because his Dharma jumpsuit said “Work Man” on it. HAHAHA. The scene ends with Sawyer telling Hurley that there isn’t any hope on the island. Hmmm…. I smell a challenge! Hurley is now on a mission to prove Sawyer wrong. He is finally ready to give up on the whole “cursed” thing, and start making his own luck (Hey, isn’t that what Hurley’s dad told him at the beginning of the episode). On a separate note, anyone else get the vibe that Roger’s last name was really Radzinski (Kelvin’s original hatchmate)?

The Mystic Arts ARE Subject to Bribery: Hurley’s dad took him to a psychic, who reveals that he is, in fact, cursed, and it is caused by the “dark” numbers. When she offers to break the curse, he questions whether or not his dad put her up to it. She quickly declines, even after Hurley offers her $1000 to tell the truth. But when he raises the stakes to $10,000, she rats out Hurley’s dad and admits that he put her up to it.

17 Years? So where has Hurley’s dad been for 17 years? I don’t know if this has any significance, but it’s worth thinking about.

Red….neck… Finally, Sawyer gets a nickname. I was laughing hysterically when Hurley tried so hard to come up with some insulting nickname for Sawyer, and all he could come up with was Redneck Man. HAHA. This episode was full of new nicknames, all of which were hilarious. My favorites were: Skeletor (Roger), Jiminy Cricket (Charlie), and of course, Redneck Man (Sawyer).

Shotgun Chuck: When Hurley finds the hill to drive the van down, Charlie offers to ride shotgun and says “Victory or Death”, showing that he is not going to let Desmond’s threat hold him back in life. A couple weeks ago, I wouldn’t have been really mad if Charlie would’ve died… but now I’d be really angry. I think it’s just the fact that we haven’t really spent much time with these core characters, and now that we’re back, I don’t want anyone to go.

Meat and Potatoes: The main core characters (Locke, Sayid, Charlie, Hurley, etc.) are often referred to in the LOST community as the “meat and potatoes”, and we definitely got our serving tonight. I was VERY happy to be back with our main Losties. My wife even made a comment last night about this episode feeling like we were back with family, and she couldn’t be any more right. It felt like watching an episode from season one. Yeah, there wasn’t a lot of mythological things in this episode or any mysteries of any real importance. But it was heartfelt, fun, and hilarious, and I loved it!

anielleDay ousseauRay: Unfortunately, I don’t speak French, so Pig-Latin is the best I could do for the title. But yes, Rousseau is BACK! I really really really really (yes, really) look forward to upcoming episodes with her. She’s got so much history on the island. And now with her and Kate and Sayid and Locke all going to find Jack, maybe Rousseau will start talking and we’ll finally get some answers. For crying out loud, the Haitian guy on “Heroes” says more things than she does! I’ve really got my fingers crossed that the final flashback of the season is Rousseau’s…. but unfortunately, I don’t think the producers are gonna give us that just yet. I’d settle for a Ben flashback though. Just don’t make the finale a Paulo & Nikki flashback (which is actually slated for episode 17, I believe).

Next Week: It’s a Sayid-centric episode called “Enter 77”. And from the preview, it looks like we’ll get some more Dharma-stuff. And, we’ll finally get to meet the eye-patch guy.

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